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What if Nothing is Wrong?

A text was received yesterday. A long message from someone who has been through hell seeing the error of his...
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The Unveiling of the Heart Wounds

Creation doesn’t come easy. Creation is not an easy tool to master. For you do it unknowingly. Each and every...
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Are You Ready to Create?

Today we wish to call to the Warriors. Those who are silent. Those who sit on the sidelines. Those who...
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The Restoration of Humanity

The Restoration of Humanity is one that will not take much effort. It will not take much speed. It will...
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A Discussion With The Dark Forces

Why are you afraid to be loved? Why are you afraid to be love? I asked the dark forces these...
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The Gifts Of The Triggers

The words below are the words I heard one morning when I awoke shrouded in a blanket of heaviness.  Previously,...
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The Gift of Anger

We are writing about anger. We are telling you the truth about its origin point. We are telling you the...
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Ah ku sia na, Connection with all life… the life within and the life without. The life between the lines...
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The Truth Is Spoken In Your Words

The truth is spoken... The truth is spoken... The truth is spoken. In your words... In your words... In your...
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Revel In the Moments

Life is a gift. Life is a precious, most wonderous gift. Remember to embrace it for all that it is...
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Home is where the heart is

There is a space that you are. There is a space that you BE.  There is a space unlike no...
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The path of evolution

The path of evolution is one that we must choose. If we are ready to embrace the journey and step...
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