What if Nothing is Wrong?

A text was received yesterday. A long message from someone who has been through hell seeing the error of his ways.  Hell because of the guilt and the shame that he has felt upon him. Hell because he has not seen the gifts that this situation has brought.

We would like to speak about this. And we would like to write directly to this man. Because this man is suffering. And he is doing so needlessly. He is looking at himself and he is seeing himself as wrong. He is looking at himself and seeing his actions. His behaviour. His guidance. His life . As wrong.  And we must say to him. Stop.

For you are missing the gifts.  You are missing the gifts that were bestowed upon you in every second of this situation. In every second of this lifetime. In every second of what you have deemed as wrong. You are looking at yourself and the situation that YOU have set up for yourself as wrong.

Now we use the word YOU because YOU are always in control. YOU know exactly what you do. YOU never see any wrong. You only see perfection. YOU only see the perfection in absolutely every step of your journey. YOU never judge yourself. YOU never feel shame or guilt or a place of self-loathing. YOU know the truth of the magnificent being  that you are and the magnificent situation that YOU have set yourself in so that you could GROW. So that you could LEARN. So that you could become the wholeness that YOU already are.

You and so many like you. You sit in judgment of yourself. You sit in judgment of the ones around you. And it is breaking you. It is literally killing you. The self-loathing. The self-judgment, the self-battering has got to to stop. You must start viewing yourself as a whole different being.

For when you see yourself as we see you, you will understand the game. You won’t be in the place of separation. You will see the beauty in this Creation that YOU have come here to experience, and you will say YES. I get it.

And when you say YES, I get it. I understand. Then your whole world will shift. Your whole world will turn upside down and you will be viewing from the lenses we see from.

For this Creation. This marvellous, wonderful Creation. This reality that YOU have designed for YOU, is nothing short of a Gift of God. Truly a Gift of God. And every aspect of this Creation is beauty. The pain, the tears, the suffering, the anguish, the guilt, the trials, the tribulations…..

They are literally no more than a sign post for you to find your way HOME.

And let us tell you one other thing. One other piece of pertinent information. YOU designed this. YOU designed every single situation in your life so that you could grow and come back to the truth of YOU.

Do not despair. Do not weep. Do not judge or condemn. Look at these situations. Look at your life circumstances for the true gifts that are. They are the signposts for you to find your way back HOME. 

When you choose to look at these situations from different angles. From different lenses. You will then see. Ah… ok, this is where I am out of alignment with ME. And this is where I need to look. This is where I need to grow. This is where I have guided myself so that I can find the truth.

We wish to communicate with you. That the TRUTH of who YOU are is WHOLE. And to find your wholeness is as simple as beginning to look at the gifts – in all their miraculous forms. For each one is this – a miracle.

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