The Unveiling of the Heart Wounds

Creation doesn’t come easy. Creation is not an easy tool to master. For you do it unknowingly. Each and every day. Each and every moment. It is a natural response to the environment that you live in. That you breathe in. That you swim in. For this environment is your breeding ground for Creation.

Yet you do this unconsciously. Most of you do this 99% unconsciously. And those of you who are learning. Who are learning the art of being You, you still are lacking the tools to truly create.

Why? Because you have not been taught.  You have not been taught that the wounds are the pathways to destruction. The wounds are the pathways for the evil to stop you from living all of the life you are here to live. You have not been taught that the Heart wounds are the largest attractor points of them all. That when you have not healed your Heart…the anger, the vengeance, the heartache, the pain, the suffering can fly at you a thousand miles an hour. And you know not, that you have Choice in this matter.

Find the Heart wounds, my friends. Find the spaces where the wounds still bleed from days past. For they bleed. And for many the blood runs thick. And these wounds, they are crying out. They are screaming for your attention. They do this and you feel this. You see this. Yet, you know not how to heal because you have not been taught.

You only need to look at the circumstances of your life to see where your Heart resides.  And yet we have not yet been taught the true key to finding the wholeness. Some of us will find the gifts. We will stumble upon the gifts, and we will recognise them. We will see that the wounds are the gifts. The gifts for the transformation to occur.

But many see them for what they are. Pain. Suffering. And we know not how to heal. And many will look at these pains and wounds and point. They will point the finger so violently at another, and they will miss the true gift of the mirror reflection of themselves.

For we are not separate. We are all One. When we look at another we stare right back into the face of ourselves. And when we see the gift in this, then we will be able to set ourselves free. We will be able to see another and say, I forgive you. And in this, I forgive me.

For self-forgiveness. Self-forgiveness is the key that will change the world. When we can look at each other not as separate, but when we can look at each other as ourselves. When we can say not only do I forgive you, but I forgive me, then we will see the gifts that we are.

Then we will see the gifts that we are here to see. Then we will see the true awakening unfold. For we will not hold each other apart any longer. We will not say, I must forgive you. Because the true answer is….. I must forgive me.

And this my friend, is the secret to finding the Space in Between.

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