The Gifts Of The Triggers

The words below are the words I heard one morning when I awoke shrouded in a blanket of heaviness.  Previously, I had been assisting a couple of people who had conscious and unconscious anger surrounding them.  This particular morning I awoke shifted out of a state of self-responsibility and deep in the throes of emotions and thoughts of anger and blame until the Words from Within arose.

The triggers are the wounds talking. These are the wounds that are crying out to be healed.  They speak loud and clear. You will recognise it when you feel irritation, anger, upset…when you feel disconnection at the root of your being.

You will understand them when you ask for the gifts.

What are the gifts? What am I not seeing that I need to see? What awareness do I need to come to through these gifts? What growth will this gift provide me?

The gifts show us that everything is perfect. There is no right. There is no wrong.  Do not blame anyone else for your choice, for this is always your choice.  You chose to transmute. You chose to take on that anger. You chose to do the job that those men could not. And now the job has been done and all you must do is seal your own wounds. Find the space the wounds still exist and seal.    

When anger gets in separation exists. It finds the hold where there is you versus them, where blame creeps in and then there is separation… the separation begins and the chasm divides.   

When we realise that every single moment is a gift from within, then we can begin to see the perfection in it all; we can start to see the gifts that the triggers are. When we are out of balance, when we feel out of flow, look for the triggers.  When we are out of alignment with who we are, it’s time to look within; not outside for the answers or the solutions but deep within.

What is it within me that needs to heal? What is within me that requires the growth? What is within me that is calling for the space in between?

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