The Gift of Anger

We are writing about anger. We are telling you the truth about its origin point. We are telling you the truth of its origins. For it is not real. It was a creation designed by Source to create a new way on the planet.

For us to see the folly of our ways…for us to see the separation that was real for us…to see that the balance must be righted. For us to see the truth; for us to see the truth of who we are. Of who each one of us is.  For we are not separate and we have been led to believe we are separate… been led to believe that we are different from one another and nothing could be more distant from the truth.

For we all began as one. We all began as one Source Creator. Together. Unified. As one.   

And we have lost our way. On purpose. We wanted to play this game. We wanted to diversify. We wanted to see oneness, wholeness through the lenses of the separate.  And so we have, but we have come so far from our origin point. We have come so far from our Creator that we have forgotten the truth. We have been separate for too long and now we must reunite.

For what has torn us down must not be allowed to do so anymore. What has torn us down has been immense. What has torn us down has been a problem building for centuries. For Millenia. For time after time after time, and it has reached a critical breaking point where it can not be allowed to thrive any longer. For the evil that has perpetrated this planet must be allowed to dissipate so the people can see the truth….. so they can see the wholeness in which they reside. Within themselves and within and for each other.

For the people are one – they are one force. It is only when this force unifies that they will truly lift the veil that has shrouded this land, this people and told them that they are divided.

For this Source is great. It encompasses all and it encompasses nothing all at once. It is all of them and none of them. It is you, it is me and it is indeed nothingness. And it is time that we are reborn into this space.  It is the space in between where we will see ourselves, see each other and see the balance that is being brought to this planet.

For these people do not see. They only see the hate. They only see the lies. They only see the deceit. They only see the pain. They only see the tears. They only see the deception.

Or they do not at all.

They don’t see any of it, and they are blind. But fear not, for they will see. The forces are being reckoned with. They will no longer maintain their hold on the planet, and they will be sent back to their Source. For there is no other way.

Their powers were too strong and they played an unfair game. They did not want to play an unfair game, but they did. The power of evil overtook like nothing possibly could have imagined and away it went. Sweeping up anything and everything in its path.  And these forces are now being dissipated. Their holds relinquished. Their holds released.

And we must know this….we must know this as one humanity. We must know the truth is about to be restored to our planet….to humanity. That the truth is we are all One, disconnected at the seams. As we work together to rebuild- to rebuild our trust, our faith, our kindness, our love in each other… we will rise.

For the ones who have been in power…you must know…. it was not their own fault. You must know that they have been controlled as well. The control structures were not meant to become as out of hand as they became. But they did . And that is a story for another day. But you must not blame;  you must not fight. You must not tear each other down.

You must look at your brothers and sisters. Look at each other and see each other like you are looking in the mirror. Like you are looking in the mirror at yourself because this is the real truth. This is the real truth. This is the real truth. You are not separate. So that man whom you hate. This is only hate for yourself. This is truly only hate for yourself.  Because he did not know what he did. He did not, and this is the truth. He was controlled by an evil so sinister, so dark that he could not escape. There was no means of escape.

You have to realise how this game works. This game is a game. And the ones at the top are the pawns. They are the ones who have been put in place to take you all down. But they are the victims too, for they did not know what they were getting into. They went in blind, and they were sideswiped.  Sideswiped is an understatement for they could not possibly imagine what was going to take hold. And take hold it did. And take hold it was made to and to relinquish its hold was impossible- until now.

Now the forces are relinquishing their holds, and we will be able to see through the veil once again. Through the veil of illusion. Through the veil of separation. And you will see each other as the oneness of who you are. The oneness of a mother with a child; the love permeates through the air, through the cells and through the very beings of their bodies. For this is the truth. You must understand that this is the truth.

Those in the power positions, those at the top.  They created devastation. Yes. They created harm. Yes. They created a world where we don’t want to live. Where we don’t want to raise our children. Where we don’t want to look for the sadness because it is too great.

But people you must hear this.  They are only a reflection of yourself.  They are only a reflection of you staring yourself in the mirror. And so what do you do when you stare yourself in the mirror and hate what you see? What do you do when you look at what you don’t like?

For too long we have yelled, we have hated, we have torn down these other aspects of ourselves. We have looked at each other…judged, condemned, criticized. We have hated each other. Do you see this? We have hated each other.  And hate, my friends. This is not the answer. It will not solve the mess we are in. It will not bring us to the promised land we are looking for, for we are on the verge of creating Heaven on Earth.

And this is what we are capable of . Yet we must look through different lenses in order for this to occur. We can not look through the old fogged ones and see the same broken system. The same broken paradigm, the same broken relationships. The same broken, shattered ego and nature of the Self.

We must look from within and look from anew. We must see the world as merely a reflection of our own selves.   And when we can see with these new lenses, then we have the opportunity to make our world whole again.  For wholeness is where we are going. But it doesn’t start with them. It doesn’t start outside.

It only starts from Within. Within each being. Within each body. Within each Spirit. We start from our own nature. We start from our own breath. And we look at each other with new lenses.  And when we see from this space. Then we see the space in between. We see the love that we each are and that we can each be. That we each will be. And we see that we do have the opportunity to be whole once again.

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