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Light Language

For those of you new to light language, let me give you a brief explanation. Sound is the universal building block of all creation. It is evident in the words that you say. Your word is a creative force, and in fact, the driving force of the universe is sound.

Now every language that is now known to the modern world has been tampered with. The essence of Source/Creator was removed and in the current languages placed inbuilt control mechanisms to keep the population in check, to keep them a slave society.  

Sound is able to break the barriers of the universe translating into specific harmonics that meet the being at a different place than other means of communication. Sound is encoded in our DNA in the form of light waves. When specific strands, or ‘high notes’ as I like to call them, are activated, the wiring of an infinite being becomes complete, and in just the right time, the activation will occur. 

You will know when you are activated because life will not appear the same as it has in the past. Life will take on a different meaning, and you will begin to sense and feel like you have never felt before. 

The rainbows of the universe will become present, and you will see through eyes reborn. Sometimes though, we need to adjust the lenses that we are looking through as the match of the new You and the old thought forms and patterns of belief and habit aren’t quite resonant. 

Many ancient and galactic languages are returning to the planet at this time specifically to assist mankind in its awakening journey. I am one of many who has had a spontaneous integration of a native dialect. 

Light language can help you re-weave genetic templates that have fallen. In other words, it can assist you in recoding and reintegrating the innate essence of your Self, turning on gene sequencing and coding that was not necessarily available to the human race in years past.   

We are returning to our original essence, we are returning to Source.

In regards to the light language that I speak. It spans all time and space and is a Universal Coding from the beginning of time.  It was said…

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God.” - John 1:1

Translated, the Universal Sounds of Creation were uttered by the Source of All that Is, and these sounds created life. 

The Creator’s matrix was installed in each and every being regardless of race, dimension or time and it is only a bit of sound that is required to remind the DNA of its original coding.

With my voice and the frequencies that I run I take the human template back to the Creator’s original design. It is up to the individual though to “install the program”, so to speak.

The original intent of the human form was to be limitless in its abilities to project thought and intent to create and change matter.  When a being is ready to reinvent themselves as God (God defined as the infinite energy field that is all creation), they defy the limits placed on the current evolution of mankind and change anything at will.

Primoridal sound can support the process of full integration of the Self in physical form.

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