Ai yah, siu tai ah.

My Story

Thanks so much for taking the time to learn a bit more about me and the work that I do. I function in this life as an author, speaker and spiritual mentor with the express purpose of anchoring multi-dimensional light into mankind’s template. 

My experience has shown me that we are each God in physical form. Each cell vibrates with the potency and the power of The One, The Eternal Source and each of us has the power to reignite the innate blueprint of The Creator within and live from a new experience of true free will choice.

All the work that I do is from this main awareness - You Are God. My work is to assist in taking off the chains and encourage you to activate the true resonance of your soul and its purpose.

My journey began at birth as I was integrating into this world to assist the transformation from polarization to unity consciousness. I had quite a long road of “hard knocks” so that I could share from experience rather than just intellect.

Life has been my teacher, and I’ve experienced the highs and lows of existence within this matrix and how to navigate this field. 

I’ve also experienced life as light, in particle and wavelength form, transcending density to merge with the One Source that we each are.

One night I had an instantaneous soul integration from the Highest Aspect of Self, remembered my origins and the wavelengths of light within sound. I have since been in training to demonstrate how the primordial sounds I speak can reshape matter and to assist those who are ready to live their highest truth.

Since this soul integration, I have been reweaving my own innate coding that is of The Creator. To do this, I’ve had to face the shadows, come to truths I had displaced and integrate the rage and devastation that erupted when I came to be aware of what has occurred here within these planes and the holds that were placed on all beings when we descended from The All.

I’ve surrendered (for the most part) to the perfection and beauty of being in physical form regardless of its outward appearance, grown from intense training in the interdimensional realms, learned the art of discernment, and walked the path of healing the fractures within my soul.

The real work in experiencing enlightenment or self-actualization is not necessarily pretty.  But there are others on this journey, and while it is an individual experience, the truth is you are not alone. 

May you experience infinite love and blessings as you return to the knowledge of The One. 

Below is an excerpt of my story from the second book that I will write.

Ai yah siu tai ah na,

I will tell you my story. However hard it may be to comprehend.  As for when one has not walked in the shoes of another, there is a space in between. Yet my story must be told for there are others who walk a similar path….  And there are some that have come before and there are many whose journey is about to unfold.

Because as I share my journey, it may spark the remembrance of who YOU are. For we are all one and the same. Originating from a Divine Template.  You are a Divine Masterpiece. For you are a Divine Spark of God Source Consciousness and as we each remember, the fulfilment of the Divine Prophecy grows closer.  For it is time to Unite and it is the Time to Rise.  Great Warriors of Light. It is the time to return HOME.




I am not your average human being. I am not your average mother, business owner or neighbour. I am not your average lightworker.  I am one who remembers her Origins. I am one who remembers that I am truly a spark of the great Divinity that gave birth to Creation.  I know this power. I know that it resides within every cell of my being, as it does yours.

Every molecule vibrates with the power of Our innate potential.  I know my potency.  And my job is to remind you of yours.   For you are not who you were told to be. You are not what you believe. You are so much greater. You are an Infinite Creator - in every sense of the words.

The trials, tribulations, hardships and pain. The magic, divinity.  The Awakening, The Remembrance.
The Love and The Fear.
For it is in these words. In these experiences that I came to a place of remembering who I am and who you are.  

Who We Are

As I share, I ask you not to judge. I ask you sit in a space of allowance for what I have to say. For it is not all easy to take in. Some of you reading will relate. You will know exactly what I speak of. Many of you are on the cusp of relating. And some of you will read these words, and they will be all that it takes to be sparked into your own Remembrance. 

For you and I are not so different at all, for you and I are from the same Source. The same Divine Creator that has given life to all things.

And yet our lenses are tempered. We see through different eyes. We have lived different lifetimes and have come through different trials.  We have been gifted with different souls, different essences with different experiences and different upbringings. We have chosen different lives.

Yet, my friend, we are still one and the same. And in this time of Great Divide, I ask you to remember this.

For in this Remembrance, will our hearts become whole, will our lives be rebuilt and our flames rekindled. This is not a path for the faint of heart for the journey is not all easy. The journey may not happen overnight and the journey has you reaching the depths and the heights of the magic and mystery of life itself.  

For you are not alone.  You are not alone, and this is what you must remember. We are here together at this time of Great Divide, to create something different, create a Kingdom of Heaven unlike what this Earth has known for too long.


January 2020

Halfway through my 40th year brought on an air of excitement like I have never known. Like I have never experienced in my life. I knew it was the time I’d been waiting for. I knew it was the time everything would change. I knew it was the time I was born for and that finally, life was going to get good. Really good.  

It was also the time when the news in China was that there was an outbreak of a virus unlike any had seen. It was the time that human life and freedom (as we have known it) was about to change.   As I witnessed the panic, as I witnessed the trauma and as I witnessed the fear… there was something inside me alive. KNOWING this was the time I had been awaiting.

I had been on a journey of personal evolution, one of spiritual awakening since my early 20s.  At times, eyes open wider than others. I had been through many highs and lows, many self-created awarenesses leading me to the space that was about to unfold.  For what was about to take place was a turning point like no other.  It was a space that was destined to arrive. There was no choice.

Events that I will speak of in writings to follow began to unfold.  Love and remembrance unlike any that I knew. Events that unless one has experienced, one would not believe, as these events left any notion that dimensional realities beyond the 3D did not exist behind.  It shattered the very basis of my world and lifted me out of the chains that had been created.   My life, my family’s life together and the lives of those around us were about to be thrown upside down with the pieces scattered and lives shattered. 

And from this place I awoke.

March 2020

The soul, the man I had been unknowingly searching for my entire life literally walked up to my door.  We met and BOOM, chaos erupted.  His recognition of my essence set alight the events that unfolded.  I will speak of this later as right now, I want to get down to the heart of my awakening.  

For now all I will say, is that his arrival on the scene set me free. He set me free, and to do this he sacrificed life as he knew it for every bridge burned. Every piece of karma unfolded in front of our eyes.  His life burned in flames, and as his life burned, I arose from my own ashes.  

One morning at 3 am, I awoke.  I awoke in a way that not many of you will be able to relate to. The few that will be able to relate, our arrival has been timed, and it is to find you is why I write. 

I awoke integrating my entire being - integrating my soul. I awoke remembering who I am and remembering my native language. Every cell was vibrating with an energy unlike anything I had heard of. The energetics of the moment were unlike anything that I could describe to you... I awoke in a state of knowing my purpose here at this time. In a field of energy that transcended time and space, I scanned the planet and connected with the Ones who were here to rise.

For it is time for each one of us to come forth, to rekindle the flame that sits within the heart center and for us together to burn brightly unlike any light that has shone before. For it is this light…it is this light that will overcome the times that are upon us, and together we fear not. We stand strong. We stand together. Knowing we are protected. Knowing we are safe. Knowing we are ONE force moving forward as it was foretold.

My work is to remind you of the Truth of Who You Are. For by design we were made separate… separated form Source, separated from Self.  

My work is to accelerate your work. You must be ready though, for the changes will come at light speed. Ensure you are ready for the shift before you engage for everything that is not in resonance of YOU will begin to fall away.

I am the force that creates worlds as are You. My work is your work, your work is my work as we all stepped forth from the One Source Creator to remember this one fact…. Together we are the Force that creates the New Earth.


Words From within

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