The Restoration of Humanity

The Restoration of Humanity is one that will not take much effort. It will not take much speed. It will not take much growth.

All that it will require is a desire… a drive… a wish… a command to set forth the events that are about to unfold, however we must use that wish. We must use that desire. We must use that force. We must use that command.

We must speak our truth. We must speak our desire. We must speak our intent. We must speak our wish for humanity to move forward as One… to move forward as a force to be reckoned with… to move forward as a force to meet the unfolding of the events that are to come. We must use that force as a power of One to move forward in this global community.

And we must unify. Do you see? We must unify. We can not be alone in this journey of unfolding. We must be together.

As one nation. As one peace. As one God. As One

We must stand together united as the tyranny takes place.

We must say together WE WILL RISE. Together we will be. Together we will join forces and become the gift that this world requires, for in this we will not only help ourselves, our neighbours and our children; we will become the force we require to move toward the new dawn of humanity. In this unity, in this request, we will be the force that is needed to stop worlds. To change worlds. To alter future. To alter past. To become The Almighty Creator force that we are.

But divided we fall. United we stand. And stand is what we must do now. We must stand for something together. 

What will unite us as One? This is the question.

Will it be the heartaches, the turmoil, the pain, the suffering that this planet and humanity has endured?

Will it be the lies, the misogyny, the hell, the torture, the pain that the ones who have walked this earth before and the ones that continue to walk this earth have put into place?

Will it be the lies?

Will it be the pain?

Will it be the suffering?

We want you to look at this very closely.  Why have you let this continue? Why have you let this shred the very fabric of humanity? Why have you made this the agenda of your nations? Why have you made this the very foundations of your halls? Why have you allowed this corruption to reign upon the kingdom of Earth?

Because make no mistake, it is a Kingdom. It is a Kingdom of God, and it deserves to be treated as such. It is a Kingdom of God, and we have mistreated and destroyed every ounce of goodness that was created. We have taken our free will choice too far, and we have destroyed the very fabric of our souls.

We have taken the space in between, and we have shoved it into the corner. We have shoved it away, and we have said, “Tell me what to do. Tell me what to do. Tell me what to do, for you know better than I. You know better than God. You know better than what the Kingdom before us shows us every single day. You know better than the spaces in between.”

And in doing so we have denied our birthrights. We have denied the access point for Source to fill our entire lives with the goodness, the purity, the love and the desires we wish for. These desires we wish for go ungranted because we have abused our system, our remarkable, wonderful system that is the Kingdom of God.  The gift of Earth, the beauty of Nature and the mysteries and magic that She holds.

We have said, “No more. I will follow you instead. I will be servant, I will be slave to your rightness. Because you are right and in that, I am wrong.”

This must all come to an end. This must all cease and cease it will.

For the Kingdom of Heaven is ready to be restored. The Kingdom of God is ready to take its rightful place with the People. It is ready to be once again the original blueprint that was intended. It is ready to be the spark in the Ocean of Divinity that was intended.

And now is the time my friends, for us to join together and be this Force. Be this Force that we were intended to be. We unite under this Sun and we reclaim our lands, we reclaim our Home, and we reclaim what is rightfully ours.

What is your part to play in this saga? What is your part to play in the unfolding of the greatest destiny every written? What is your part to play in this unfolding of New Earth?  I ask you now. What is your role?  And as you find your role, who will you lead? Who will you teach? Who will you take forth under your wing and create the future with? Who will be on your team? Who will be in your Tribe?

For our Tribes are many and we see from different lenses. However, our Tribes must become One. Our Tribes must unite and take forth the banner for New Earth.  Work together, we must. Work together, we must as we move forward as One. One united Force under our Great Divine Sun.

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