A Discussion With The Dark Forces

Why are you afraid to be loved? Why are you afraid to be love?

I asked the dark forces these questions as they swirled around. Why are you afraid to be loved?  Why will you not lie down your arms and look at the Truth? Why are you afraid? The question kept piercing the darkness as they made themselves known to me, sitting awaiting me to acknowledge their pain.

And then the pain came. And here the pain sits. In tears it flows down as I write. They are so separate, they have come so far, they know not what they do…for they have lost love and all recognition of it. They have lost all hope. They have lost all morality. They have lost absolutely everything… everything that they ever wanted at anytime has been lost. It has been lost, and so it keeps them separate.

For they fear the loss. They fear the pain. They fear most of all regaining that Love and losing it again. This is the biggest fear of them all, and this has kept them driving onwards. It has kept the illusion of separation in play, and it has kept the game afoot. It has kept the pain, the suffering, the shallows of the heart. It has kept the separation alive on this planet and driven the dark forces to take the control that they have had.

This entire game, this entire farce is driven by one thing – the fear of losing the Love of the Mother and The Love of the Father. The love that arises from within.   They fear the loss more than anything imaginable, and now they want to return Home. All they wish to do is return Home.

So when we look at any one of them, when we look at the evil that is in front of us, let us not go forward with a sword. Let us not go forward with a knife. Let us look at this evil and say, the pain is too deep, I know. The pain is too much, I know. The pain is unbearable any longer. I know… I know all you want to do is return Home.  So let us end the suffering. Let us acknowledge the Truth. Let us lay down our arms, and let me love you. For all that you want is to return to this love. I see you. You see me. And let me help you Home.


And as I shift you into the light, as I assist you in returning Home, I love you…. I love you…. I love you…. For you deserve the love. You are a part of the love and just because you have forgotten doesn’t mean that you are not love for this is where it all has arisen from.

Even through your separation, you have not been separate. Do you understand this? Do you understand that even though you maintained the illusion of separation, the illusion of evil, the illusion of the dark…. You have not been separate. You have been right here…right here alongside me.

Every step of the way.

We have not been separate. We have always been united. We always will be united. Because I am you. And you are me. And we are We. So as you walk forth on this path. As you walk forth on this journey. May you see the truth of who you are and may you move forward in your wholeness. For you are the wholeness within. You have only forgotten. And as you move towards the light, as you move towards the one Source that is the Creator, may you understand this…

I love you for who you are. For who you are is nothing less than who I am, and together we will rise.  Together we will conquer the evil that has overtaken this planet. Together we will become the force that will shape worlds, and together we will arrive Home.

The words above flowed through as I was face to face with the entities and the demons of lives past.  These particular beings were ready to return Home. There are others that are not. It is important in our work to use discernment as some must be fought with the sword.  Others will arrive because they are ready to put down their arms and know there are those who can guide them Home.

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