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May We Lead Them Home

May we speak to the humanity nations, those who have come before, those who are yet to follow. Your job...
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The Eternal Essence of You

The eternal essence of you is nothing short of YOU, the expression of God/Source/The Creator embodied in human form. Do...
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You are the Change

When you realize the orchestration of Divine Creation, there is no blame. There is only serenity. There is only acceptance...
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What Story Do You Tell? Part II

Do you know that the story that you tell defines your life? It defines your life on every level. The...
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What Story Do You Tell? Part I

Are you telling the story of separation? Or are you telling the story of YOU?  Do you know the difference?...
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We Stand Together

You do not need to be afraid anymore. There is no need, there is no reason. It is time to...
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“The Kingdom of Heaven” And The Space In Between

Do you understand “The Kingdom of Heaven”? Do you understand what this term means? This is not the Kingdom of...
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A Call to the Leaders of New Earth

Creation was not always like this. There was a point there was no separation, there was no fear, there was...
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Fear: The Source Of Separation

Fear. Let’s talk about fear. The only way that fear can hit is when we have the cracks, when we...
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The Living Waters Reside Within

The Living Waters are an eternal healing spring. They reside within you. They reside here on this Earth. Do you...
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The Healing Of The Heart

The healing of the heart is not something to take lightly. It is something to look at with reverence…to understand...
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Thank You For The Gifts

When we look at ourselves and can say, “thank you for the gifts,” we acknowledge that we are the Creator....
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