It’s Time To Create Change.

Are you ready for a r/evolution? I am. Would you like to join me?

Ka siu ta sia tai ah. 

The Heart’s Portal: Awakening God Within to Navigate Beyond Great Divide, Into New Earth has been written because it is time for us to open our hearts.

It’s time for us to learn how to love again, to learn how to cherish each other and ourselves enough so that we take a stand for each other and our planet.

It is time for us to take back the individuated wisdom of our cells and the power of our hearts. As we do this, we release the chains that have been upon the humanity nations and reclaim our ability to live as One.

Because it is one solid force united that will change the course of history.

This is a time on planet Earth like no other. There are different timelines that can be walked individually and as a collective race – some of these are far from pretty.

We are coming to an ending of an era and an opening in time where there is an ability for the people to lead a revolution so profound that all of the chains that have restricted humanity’s free will will come undone.

But it is up to you to make the choice for evolutionary greatness.

This book is my contribution to this species’ destiny to turn the tide and ride the wave .

Paperback and e-book available now.

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