Are You Ready to Create?

Today we wish to call to the Warriors. Those who are silent. Those who sit on the sidelines. Those who do not yet know their purpose on this planet. For there are many. There are many of you who sit there, awaiting the call. Awaiting your purpose to appear. Awaiting for the clarity to come into your own.

To you we wish to say:  CREATE.  What is it that you are here for? What is it that you are here for? What is it that you are here for?  Ask this question. Ask us this question. Ask yourself this question. Ask the Universe this question. And just wait. Just wait to see what unfolds for you. For you will have put yourself on the path of no return… with the asking of just a single question.

Do you see the power of your creation? Do you see the power of your intention? Do you see the power of your words. For you have not. Many of you have missed the mark. You have looked at the Law of Attraction and you have looked for wealth. You have looked for material gain. You have looked for short term happiness. You have not asked the most pertinent question of all.

And that question is:   What am I here for?

Why am I on this Earth? What is my calling?  What am I here to do to serve humanity and unfolding of the Great Awakening we are upon? What is my role? What is my greater purpose? What is my calling for these times ahead? Where can I serve?

And friends, as sure as these statements are said, the answers will be returned upon you in magnitude.  Ask these questions. And ensure that you are ready. You are ready for the answers. For when they come, you can not hesitate. You can not run. You can not hide. Your calling will be upon you. And you will have to decide if you are ready to make the jump. Because yes, sometimes it is a jump off the cliff to find that you have the wings that will carry you Home.

For the path can be steep. The climb can be rocky and there may not always be silver linings apparent. But silver linings are always there and these silver linings will always turn to GOLD.  But are you ready for the gold? This is the question? Are you ready to receive the magnificence of YOU that surrounds you? Are you ready to receive the space in between through every cell of your body?

Are you ready to be the gift that you are to the world? For this is the real question. Are you ready to be this gift. For this gift does not come lightly it comes with he responsibility of a lifetime. For you are here not for your own self-serving purposes. You are here for the betterment of humanity. The uplifting. The Awakening and the Arising.

And friends, we can only give…. We can only give as much as you can receive. So while the support will be there…Every step of the way, the support will be there. It will be awaiting to pour into your arms. Awaiting to rain down onto your heads, awaiting to lift you up. Awaiting to carry you Home.  Yes, this support will be there.

We have to ask you…. ARE YOU READY TO RECEIVE?

  • Find your receptive mode.
  • Thank you for the gifts.
  • Thank you for the blessings.
  • Thank you for the support.
  • Thank you for the love.
  • Thank you for the beauty,
  • Thank you for the friends.
  • Thank you for the peace.

Thank you for every single blessing in my life. And yes, I would love more.  Thank you for more.

Say these words. Feel these words. Find your own words. For these words are your sword. And mark our words, these words will carry you far. These swords will lead the way. Sharp as a blade. They will lead the way for you to find your way Home. To find yourself. To find your Heart. To find the Space in Between. And from this Space, my friends. Watch what you Create.

For Creation is needed. The time is upon us when we must Create. We must find the new. We must step into the paradigm that we wish to be apart of. And the Creation process requires each one of us to get on board. To see the optimal timeline of the future. To know the optimal timeline is available.


WE SAY YES. This is what we are creating. This is what we wish for. This is what we want.

And we say to you, as you create…As you manifest the New Earth that awaits you. We can only give as much as you can receive.

Ask and it is Given is Truth. Absolute Truth. But how much can you receive? This is the question to ask yourself. And also ask yourself, How can I receive more?

For receptivity is the key. Receptivity is the key to this Creation.  Now we say… CREATE. For you are the change that the world requires. CREATE.

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