Psychic channel

My terms are peace. I speak for the Tribes of humanity as one.  Sovereignty is my skillset. Disruption is my game. 

Psychic Channel

My terms are peace. I speak for the tribes of humanity as one. Sovereignty is my skillset. Disruption is my game. 

Ah Siu Ta Sia Tai Ah

Thank you so very much for taking the time to join me here. The intent of this space is to remind you of the infinite intelligence that you are within and beyond the physical form. The truth is that you are God. You are the spark of light that creates worlds, a fractal of the original Source. There sits a particle of gold at the center of your heart. It is the ignition of this substance that will light the way for you to find your way Home, through this time of Great Divide and into New Earth.

It is accessble and available to all those who wish to access. The fundamental process that must be engaged to truly feel this spark and allow it to shine brightly is to honor The Golden Rule as old as time itself. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. 

Over time we have moved from a species that cared for each other and the Self into one that put profit, motive and greed above all else. What has occurred has been an evolution of the species that has not had the true nature of the living form or the heart at the forefront. We have the opportunity to change this within our Selves, our nations and communities.

However, the real change starts with you. Are you ready to ignite the power that you have, the power that sits within your heart and spoken word?  Are you ready to say no to what is not working and begin the process of repair to the Earth and the human form? Are you ready to take care of each other as you would take care of the Self? 

The truth of the matter is that the evolutionary process is at a crossroads. There is an up or down, a sink or swim momentum in effect. There are gates to walk through, and we get to choose which one that is. Many of us are noticing a difference between darkness and light and wondering how to navigate the chasm in between. Which road are you walking? Is it serving you? Are you ready to shift course? 

Yes, evolution is a process, but there is one fundamental ignition point to truly creating change. Return to the innate intelligence of the heart, and we return home to the love that we each are. 

All that you find on this website is here to assist you in that process if you feel so called. Now is the time for Great Change. Are you ready to embrace the journey of aligning with New Earth?


This is your journey, and you have the power to create your life as you wish to see it.

Sometimes an expanded view and a hand up can be helpful along the way.

Words From Within

Explore and connect with my library of written words.

Be inspired to grow beyond duality and navigate the entrance to the eternal planes of creation.


The Heart’s Portal: Awakening God Within to Navigate Beyond Great Divide, Into New Earth is an activation for the restoration of mankind.




"I must thank you from the entirety of my being and my soul lineage.

You’ve reconnected me to sources that have been above me this whole time that I’ve been clouded from.  

I spoke and sung light language this morning for the first time in this life since being a child. I feel it all began with the introduction of your "kai ah na siu kai ah".

All the things I knew were there, however in the past I lacked the knowingness to uncover again due to past fears."


”I have been walking a journey with Zhara the past several months, holding hands as I said goodbye to my Dad from this earthly plane, letting go of my life and how it had been and ready to step into creating my world how I’ve always wanted it to be.

I feel so blessed to have Zhara’s support in my life during this transformative time. She holds such a beautiful space for this to occur. I’ve felt from the depths of despair to the finest vibrations of peace all residing within.

Thank you Zhara for holding the vision which allowed me to find this. So much love to you.



”I’m a different person since working with Zhara. She could see the energetic blocks that needed to be shifted to enable me to take that final leap forward into anchoring in my soul’s purpose. 

Her intuitive guidance and gentle manner inspired confidence in my own abilities and allowed me to leap into the unknown feeling supported and capable.

I will be forever grateful to her for her deep inner knowing, her intuitve guidance and soul retrieval work.  Since working with her I’m growing stronger, bolder and braver every day.”



Words From Within 

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