Revel In the Moments

Life is a gift. Life is a precious, most wonderous gift.

Remember to embrace it for all that it is worth. All of its love, all of its magic, All of its tears. All of the humanness that abounds.

Love it. Love it. Love it.

Love it for all it’s worth. For before too long it will be over. And you will be exploring new aspects of Creation. And while you are here. Love it up for every single ounce of goodness that it delivers to you.

For this Earth experience….

Even in times of trial, is a gift immeasurable. Revel in the little things. Revel in the moments.

In the call of a bird.

In the touch of a ray of sun.

In the depth of the buzz that a bee’s wings vibrate.

Revel in the tenderness of a kiss. Feel the embrace of your loved one.

Be here. Be here. Be here. Present.

Fully and utterly present. For the sweetness of your life is all what you make of it.

As always, the choice is yours.

Ah siu tai ah na,


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