The path of evolution

The path of evolution is one that we must choose. If we are ready to embrace the journey and step forward on our path, the assistance arrives. The assistance arrives to clear the templates, to process the pain, to move through the hurts of the past and the programming inflicted.

When one chooses this journey they not only choose for themselves, they choose for the collective consciousness. They choose for the upliftment of humanity and for the awakening of the masses which is the shift that the creationary planes require in this time/space reality.

They choose for their sisters. They choose for their brothers. They choose for their children and the generations that have come before and those yet to follow.  They choose for the greatness of the consciousness of the human collective. They choose for the Source that they are. They choose for the greatness that they be.

They chose for the wisdom of the ages to return. They choose for peace to be restored. They choose for the light to return to the soul, to the masses, to the planet. They choose for the timelines to favour the goodness of humanity.  They choose for the rightness. They choose for justice. And they choose for the balance to be restored.

And yes, it is the time for the balance to be restored.

And in this space of Creation that we inhabit, it is only a choice that lies within. The boundaries, the walls, the separation that we have created due to internal and external forces can be torn down. They can be dissolved with the power of your word.

Remember the POWER OF YOUR WORD. For it is the SWORD that you wield. You Ask and It is Given. You Speak and it is So.   What are you speaking? What do you tell yourself?

Because each word is your choice. This is your CHOICE. This is your CHOICE.

And as you take back your power, as you remember the divinity that lies within you and the power that you wield, you liberate others to do the same. Wield your Sword, wield it for all it is worth. Use it. For NOW is a TIME when it must be used. You must remember the power.,, the power that you hold within and without. Begin with your Spoken Word.

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