The Truth Is Spoken In Your Words

The truth is spoken… The truth is spoken… The truth is spoken.

In your words… In your words… In your words.

Remember the power of your words. For they are the sword of your Creation. What are you creating? What do you want to create? Say it with your words.

As with any blade, we use the tool wisely. For we know its power. We know its sharpness and we know what it is capable of.

We must remember once again the power of our WORDS. For it is within these words that the transformation will take place.

In this incredible time we are living through, pay attention to the thoughts that you think and the words that you speak. For these are some of the basic tools of Creation.  Some of the most important information that humans could learn was erased from our systems, and it is time for the knowledge to be restored.

You are a Divine Being. With Divine Creationary powers. And it is time that we fully Remember and Restore these capabilities to our individual blueprints. For we are Creator beings. And it is time to return to Creator capacity. Take the tools and expand. Take the tools and rise up into your full potential.  Begin with your words.

As we each do this, we each rise. And together as we do this, we restore the balance within the fields of frequency that are surrounding and within Planet Earth.

We are in this together.

For now is the time that we shine forth our light for the greatest change we can be and that we can bring. The time is Now, my friends. The time is Now for us to step up, rise up and be the true expression of our Divine Creation.

And one of our starting places is becoming very aware of the words we speak and think (words = sword).  Yes… as with everything in this reality matrix, the Truth is hidden within plain sight.

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