Home is where the heart is

There is a space that you are. There is a space that you BE.  There is a space unlike no other that you can access. You find it through your HEART.  You will know it when all else melts away. When the power of the love, the joy, the radiance of your ETERNAL ESSENCE shines through with a force that knows no other.  You know it when you reach a space of FORGIVENESS. Where you see as we see. Where you see all others as YOU.   As the children of God Source Consciousness.  As the innocent souls who have come forth to journey, to learn and to create together.

You know no judgment. You know no fear. You know no words. You only feel. You feel the space in between. You feel the space that is the access point for all creation. You feel the space that is the beauty of the worlds that have been created. You feel the essence of YOU, and you know the ESSENCE of you is the ESSENCE of those around you so you see them for who you are. You see the reflection of you in them and them in you, and you feel LOVE. You feel forgiveness.

You know there is no other way. That the beauty that lies within is ever present within each soul, and you love them. You love them for who they are;  without expectation, without judgment, without need.  There is no blame.  For you see beyond the shadow. You see Within. Deep within the core root of the being in front of you.  And the outpouring of Love… the beauty of this Love is unlike anything you have ever experienced.

Are you ready to return Home?  For this is You… This is You… This is You.


For this is where your power resides.   It’s time to come Home.

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