I work with current and up-and-coming change agents, leaders, and disrupters to ensure they are on track with their missions and agendas.

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You hold the keys to your destiny.

This is your journey, and you have the power to create your life. No one can take that power away as the wisdom resides innately within.  

Your cells are beaming, like beacons of light, awaiting you to recognise their potency and potential. 

If you feel you’d like a hand up or support as you go through your journey to unlock this infinite potential within, I can offer assistance. 

In most cases, I look into the energy field of All That Is, where a part of you resides and communicate with your soul's innate blueprint. 

I access the space-in-between, where all exists and nothing exists all at once, and from there, you determine the blueprint of your life. When I am in this space, I see through the eyes of The Creator. It is an experience of joy and unconditional acceptance (true love), where everyone and everything is already whole. 

Each session is uniquely different as your Highest Aspect of Self shows us what you require in the moment for sustainable change. 

When appropriate, I use primordial sound to alter DNA templates and increase light in this realm and in the physical form. 

I can offer Band-Aids as the real work is not for everyone, for when you truly engage, we will set you on track. What you have built that is not serving you may have to come tumbling down.

No one can “heal” you as the truth is, you are already whole. True “healing” occurs when you remember Who You Are.

My work is to assist you in experiencing the true Creator form which is capable of miracles, and so we must remember how to perform our own.  

Remembrance is not necessarily a slow or an easy journey. Changes could come at light speed, however processing the pain and integrating the shadows that belong to you and the human form are part of this path.

You have got this. You always have.

My work is solely to set the space for the true essence of YOU to arrive. 

90 Day 1-on-1 Mentorship and Support

Why?  Because you are ready to shed the old version of the self, the outdated matrix, and rise in all of who YOU are.

You are ready to embody in the physical domain the full essence of The Creator.  Sometimes fine tuning is required to ensure the path is paved in line with your destiny.

Who?  This personalised mentorship and support system is designed for the up and coming or current leader, facilitator, coach or strategist who is ready to fully value themselves and their gifts. You want the fully embodied version of YOU to be present in this Infinite Reality.

You have already mastered or on the brink of mastering the art of self-responsibility in which you know that every relationship and circumstance that you encounter in your hologram is to show you another version of the Self. You have stepped out of victim and blame mentality or require a few tweaks to send you on your way.

You are on a high-level trajectory this lifetime and require a hand up in getting to where you want to be. You know that this lifetime is yours, the choices that you make are yours, and you require a bit of extra guidance in embodying YOU in the physical.

You could be walking through a dark night of the soul, deconstructing relationships, your whole paradigm could be crashing down, or you could be on the other side of any of these and ready to live your life on purpose.

What? We release old patterns and programs within the physical template and unlock your innate gift of the Creator’s Coding. This is done through a series of meditations, activations and reprogramming sessions, as well as your own personal commitment and intention to shift into the full version of your Self.

Channelled guidance from your Highest Aspect of Self presents throughout our time together to lead you in the direction of your dreams. For your dreams must come to your reality in order to live the life you are here to live.

YOU guide you through the evolutionary process. I give you a leg up and beam of support when required, but mostly set the space through energetic resonance for the fullness of YOU to arrive.

As no one person is the same, each 90 day journey is tailored specifically to the individual based on where they are at and where they want to go.

As a baseline you can expect a 1-2 hour individualised session via Zoom once per week with personalised audio activations and follow up support as you require.

Because we are shifting paradigms and beliefs it is essential that the support structure is in place for you to continue your elevation, thus I recommended a program of a minimum of 90 days to ensure stability in your transition.

How? By application.  Because you will be undergoing a deep journey of self-discovery, it is critical that the time and space match who we each are.

If your application is approved, a get-to-know-you call will be scheduled to ensure that we both agree that we are a great match, and the timing is aligned for our work together.

I ask that before you apply, you are 100% clear that as long as the timing is right and that you resonate with me, you are ready to invest in your Self with dedicated time, energy, and financial resources.

Cost? Any investment in your Self is priceless as we are here to experience the full richness of life and the ability to fly.

The financial commitment for this 12 week support package ranges from $500 - $1,500 per week depending on where you are at in your evolutionary journey. More time is typically involved if you are dismantling or rebuilding your life.

During the initial get-to-know you process as well as during the course of our 90 days together, Spirit may recommend specific modalities, products, facilitators or retreats that could significantly assist your journey. These would incur their own costs and would be your choice as to whether you engage.

You are hiring me as your mentor and support for your personal journey. The understanding must remain, it is YOUR journey and any reliance outside of Self is not accepted. In other words, we will dismantle any aspect of co-dependency still present within your own thoughts, behaviours, and addictions.

Do you have what it takes to turn on all of YOU? Absolutely, of course you do. We each do. No exception to this rule.

All I do is offer a hand up.

The question then is, are you ready?

Individualised Support Sessions

Do you feel you could use a hand to hold during certain parts of your journey?  Individualised support sessions are optimal for times in your life when you require empathy, care, guidance on how to move to the next level in your life, or support through a certain challenge.

Because you already have everything within to channel your own higher guidance, these sessions are not to replace something that is missing. They are used as a catalyst to open up these channels more fully.

Each session is tailored as per the individual's Highest Aspect of Self.

$300 per hour

Psychic Reading

Come with your questions, or we can see what’s most pressing for your life.

$175 per 30 minutes

Negotiation and Mediation

Do you require assistance in settling dispute from a space of cutting all cords, loops, and karmic ties so patterns do not repeat in this life or in any other?

This negotiation process is not like any other, as traditional logic goes out the window, and we view from Source and Higher Self perspective so all parties can get their lives and souls on track with their highest purpose. 

$300 per hour

Support Navigating the Matrix and Interdimensional Distractions

Do you require assistance in navigating your spiritual path?  Are you encountering different forms of extra-terrestrials or interdimensional beings and not sure where to turn?

My path has been one of direct experience in navigating the false light, various ET agendas and how they hook into the human form, spiritual warfare and sovereignty, and finding the balance point from which to live.

If you require support or guidance navigating your way through or out of these reality fields, please show an expression of interest with an overview of your situation. I will respond with whether or not I am able to assist.

$300 per hour

Weekly Zoom Call and Individualised Sessions

The Infinite Creator Calls

Part of the journey Home is to open yourself fully to the Infinite Nature of You, that part of you which is God.
I use the word God, but there is no religious context. God is the energy, the Force that Creates Worlds that we are each innately a part of.
Those who have truly engaged in the self-discovery process including acknowledging and walking through the "undesired" aspects of the Self can benefit by intending the Codes of The Creator ignite within the physical form. 
When the Creator's coding is installed, the original portal of the Heart is the one that leads. The true merging with The Creator takes place at the edge of enlightenment, where we truly are the dark and the light embodied into the One form. 
I use light language and harmonic resonances to set a field for change that occurs in the DNA template. I have seen those who are ready take on another form in which they are of true infinite potential.
However, the mind, the body, the thoughts and the beliefs all have to come up to speed in order to consciously use this frequency of God for your highest purpose. 
The Infinite Creator Calls are reprogramming transmissions and creation calls that occur weekly on Tuesday evenings on Zoom and are by donation through the Patreon link. Whether $1 or $100 your contribution is a valuable energy exchange. Please give what is resonant for you. 
Call series has currently ended. Please register interest for the next series on the contact form. 
If you would like further individualised work unlocking The Creator's Codes, please enquire here.

Additional resources are available on Youtube @zharajmahlstedt

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