Ah ku sia na,

Connection with all life… the life within and the life without. The life between the lines that you don’t see. The life that is sparkling, glittery gold that evades the senses of the normal human being… connected with all pieces, with all fragments of God Consciousness…. with the whole of creation, with the aspects that have eluded.  Connection is who you are. Because you are a piece; you are a spark of God Consciousness.

Like water is a droplet or a wave or an ocean.  The same is your relationship with God Consciousness. A fragment, but whole at the exact same time. The frequency that runs within you runs within God Consciousness.

It is akin to how water is still water, no matter its shape or its form. You are still you. The spark within will never die. The light has been dimmed, but now it is time to reawaken the spark.

Water never ceases to be water, even in droplet form. It is always water. Even when evaporated, even when frozen; this droplet is still water. Just in different form. Do you see this?

So this is why we are all connected. All united. All purely a reflection of ourselves.  We are individualized, but I am you and you are me is still the truth. Just as water is an ocean and also a droplet.

And when water unites, look at the power… look at the force that it carries. So you must unite as humanity; as the consciousness that creates worlds.

For together you rise. Together you unite. Together you bring about the change that you wish to see in the world. It is together that you will make the greatest strides.

And yes, there are leaders and yes, there are great change agents, but alone they will still be a droplet. Perhaps a higher frequency droplet, but still a droplet. A droplet needs to be united with other droplets. And that droplet’s frequency can shift the frequencies of the entire Ocean.

Ah sia tai ah,


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