The Healing Of The Heart

The healing of the heart is not something to take lightly. It is something to look at with reverence…to understand there is process…to understand that to feel the depths of the pain is the only way to move towards the light…the lightness of being that is your heart.

For your heart knows all. Your heart sees all. Your heart knows the truth that I am you and you are me. Your heart knows that you need no other. Your heart knows that you are no other. Your heart knows the secret that has been hidden from the population for the ages…that we are the one true Source of love, light and happiness…

That it exists nowhere outside.

That it exists only within.

That it exists in every single one of us who walks this Earth.

That it is the key to finding the expansion of who We are.

That it is the key to finding the expansion of the Self.

For in this knowing and in this moment of realisation that we are already whole, already complete…already the one that we have been looking for…in this knowing will we come back to the one true Creator. For this Source does not lie outside. This Source is the Source we have always had access to.

This Source is only accessible from straight within.  And when you find this space. When you find this space of Love that is truly the fountain of the Holy, you will know that you are Home. For when you reach this space, you will know no other. You will know You. You will know me and you will know We.

For together we are the force that creates worlds.

Together we are the force that moves mountains.

Together we are the change that the world requires right now.

When you look at your neighbour… when you look at your enemy and all you see is you…when you only see your reflection staring straight back at you, then you will know that you have found God.

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