The Living Waters Reside Within

The Living Waters are an eternal healing spring. They reside within you. They reside here on this Earth. Do you understand the magnitude of what we are saying? The Living Waters are within you. You do not need to seek outside of you for your Source. The foundation of youth, the fountain of life lies within you.   All you must do is remember. Reactivate.  Restore these memories. Restore the knowledge of YOU.  Restore the knowledge that YOU are the living spring, the eternal fountain, and it does not reside outside.  Do you know what this means?

For too long you have been told that God lies outside of you. That the Holy Waters, the Holy Spirit, the fountain from which you seek to drink is not a part of you. Nothing could be further from the truth…nothing could be further from the truth of who you are.  The very existence of you is the proof that God exists.

For you are this eternal spark…this eternal spark of God Source itself. You have been told the opposite. You have been told to seek…to find…to search for God, when in reality nothing could be further from the truth because God is YOU. You are God. God does not lie outside.  You are the very essence, the very force of God.   You can use whatever term you like…Source, Universe, Oneness, but it is all the same, and it is all God.

Look around you. You see these people around you, and you believe they are separate from yourself. You believe they are outside of you. You believe in the lies of separation.   They are nothing but your brothers, your sisters. They are also God, just as You.  You are all fractals of the whole, and together we are the force that ignites the world. Do you understand that? If you want the change, you unite in brotherhood, sisterhood. You know God is You. You know they are God. You know that together you are the Source, the fountain, the spring, the lifeblood. You know that we together are the change that this world needs, and whenever you see or feel separation, you look.

You look hard, and you ask yourself, why this is in existence. Why has this separation been created and what is required to mend the gaps? What is required to repair the bridges? And if the bridges can be repaired they will be, and yet others will need to burn.

Do you understand? For not all are ready for the wholeness…the oneness…the Divine birthright that you came to retrieve.  This is why many of you are here at this time.  You are ready for the birthright to be restored….

Move your way through time.

Look at it. Look at it.  Look at it.

Do you remember? There were times you tried this before. You attempted to reunite. You attempted to reclaim the sovereignty…the wholeness…the pieces that had been scattered…the tribes that were disbanded…and you failed. Yes, you failed, but that failure does not mean that it is your fate again.

This is why so many of you are afraid; afraid to step forward and reclaim what was lost, because it was lost and the pain of this loss was so great. It was so devastating that the fear of stepping back into that space to potentially experience this loss again is too much for one to bear. But fear not, for this will not be the case. This is the time…this is the time for the prophecy to unfold and for the Kingdom of Heaven to be restored. For the truth to be unveiled and for us to move forward as One.

We are ready for this time…We are ready for this time…We are ready for this time.

It is the time to Unite and to dissolve the separation. It is the time to return to this planet and its people the Living Waters of the past.

These waters within you, they are holy.   Have you realised that your scientists are beginning to discover that you are over 99% molecularly water? You are water, and you are also the spaces in between.  Do you see this? On the physical plane you are water and on the physical plane you are God.  Do you see that it is time to combine these forces?

Use the water…Use the water…Use the water.

Use the water that is YOU…Use the water that is YOU…Use the water that is YOU.

Hold within it only that which is sacred; the frequencies of love, the frequencies of the Divine, the frequencies of God Source which is eternal.  They want to flow through your water. Will you let them?  You must understand what the water that flows within your body is designed to do…. It is designed to facilitate life. It is designed to facilitate frequency. It is designed to be the receiver, the transmitter, the purifier, the everlasting spring of all that is life.

And yes, the powers that control your world, that keep the truth from you, yes they know this.  They know this and they know it well, and this is why we keep repeating to you…. Take care of your waters….. for the sacred knowledge that they hold is beyond what any of you have yet grasped. You have to understand the keys are contained within your waters.

You must hold the frequencies, the activational codes within your waters. You must understand how to receive and transmit. You must understand that these waters and what they contain go far beyond your physical bodies, and yes the mineral content is crucial.  The sacred minerals of Earth will take you Home.

Water is not water without minerals. Water is a dead substance. Yes it can be purified, yes it can be revitalised, yes it can be energised, yes it can be restructured, yes it can be blessed, but does it contain a mineral content? A mineral content directly from the Earth Mother? Does this mineral contain the nature, the codes of life itself?  The answer is no.  You must restore your waters, and you can not do so unless on your physical plane unless you give your bodies the sacred waters of life.

Mineral content is your missing link.

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