What Story Do You Tell? Part II

Do you know that the story that you tell defines your life? It defines your life on every level. The friends you have, the circumstances within your existence,  the people the places, the situations that you encounter. Your story defines it all, absolutely all.

So what story do you tell yourself? Can you break away…step back… look…be observant and see the truth of the situation?  Your situation.  What are you sharing with yourself on a daily basis?

The spaces in between are calling your name; the place where there is no story…there is only space, space to create from a place of no attachment… a place where all of magic exists because this is where it all unfolds from.

But if you see yourself lost in a story. One of fear… one of judgment… one of loneliness…one of turmoil…then you know you are separate from YOU because YOU knows no judgment. It knows no turmoil. It knows no fear.  It knows no separation.  It only knows the place of YOU, YOU and YOU.

This is the space of elation that we can access. Every day, all day, any day, each day, it is here for you…awaiting for you to arrive Home.

The spaces in between are where all manifest creation exists, where all of time and space lie.  Where all of the powers, the magic, the fun, the joy, the love are available to you now.  But in order to access…to fully access…you must let go. You must surrender your stories. Let go of your past. Let go of the identity that you have taken on to define yourself  and your life.  You must allow the spaces in between to unfold into the beauty of who you actually are.

The beauty of who you actually are has no limits. There are no boundaries. There are no gateways that are either open or closed. These spaces in between which you are a part of, an integral part of, are the spaces of creation manifest itself. And when you know YOU, you will have access to the most beautiful place of love and joy that could possibly exist. This is the space where it all begins and it all ends. This is the space of YOU.   

Are you ready to find YOU? Are you ready to let go of the story? Of the untruths that has defined YOU? Of the identity you have taken and made your own? Because this is what we’ve done…we’ve taken this concept…we’ve taken this identity then decided to live by it.

Why not choose something different? Why not choose to be the love that you are? The true love and joy and beingness that you are? In this, you will find the freedom. The freedom you have been looking for through money, through fame, through glory, through sex, through drugs and rock and roll…why not take up the banner of God, of Source energy…the true essence of who YOU are, and find your way Home? In doing so, everything will change; absolutely everything will change.

You may see disintegration of your life… your old life, your old relationships, your old places, people and things…they may fall to the wayside. For the frequency of who You are will SHINE and if those around you are not ready for your brightness they will not stay. But take heart for there are those around you who are looking for this. They are also seeking and when you shine your light and you say, I found myself. I found who I am. I found the truth of who I am…they will follow. They will have no choice. They will see you for who you are and want to know how they can get there because the beauty of this space…the beauty of this space is unlike no other…it is of the Divine Source Creator that we are all a part of…that we all are. And in rediscovering yourself, you will lead the way home.

Zhara x

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