What Story Do You Tell? Part I

Are you telling the story of separation? Or are you telling the story of YOU?  Do you know the difference? Do you know that every time you utter the words of separation you will recognise them because you do not feel good. You feel disconnected, at war,  disharmony, trouble, conflict…in a space where you are putting the entirety of creation outside of yourself.

This space where you sit is absolutely nothing of the above. The space where you sit, the space of YOU comes from a much greater source… a much higher power than you or I alone. It is a space where all manifest creation exists.

So what story do you tell yourself?   Every little detail. Every little word. These stories count because these are the fields of creation and your power is at work – all the time.  Do you see the direction you are headed? Or do you focus on the direction you have come from?  There is a difference. Or perhaps there isn’t? Look at the story.  Listen to your story. Listen with all of your heart. Does this resonate with your heart? Do the words you tell yourself resonate with your heart? Do they resonate with the frequency of you?

For you matter. YOU. The very essence of YOU matters, and while you stay in these stories, you can not connect. They are the layers that bind. They are the layers that trap. They are the layers that connect you to the separation of the outside world and hold you at bay; for the truth of who you are is so much greater… so much greater than you possibly can imagine.

This truth has no story. This truth is the is-ness of I AM, and when you sit in this space… when you sit in this space of I AM, You see You for You for You for You. And in that you see the others around you for the I AM that they are. There is no lower, there is no higher. You are all together the One Source that has created worlds. The One Source that has created the Divine planes that we sit upon. You and You and You… there is no difference.

Can you see this? Can you feel the magnificence of your true nature and the true nature of those around you? Can you see the depths of their hearts and the beauty of yours? Can you see that when you can come to this space in between, then you have no animosity, no judgment, no hate. There is no discomfort… you only find the true essence of you.

Zhara x

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