A Call to the Leaders of New Earth

Creation was not always like this. There was a point there was no separation, there was no fear, there was no divide. There were not rulers on the planet who spun the truth, hid the truth, and put you under their foot so they could rise.

There was a time when the Kingdom of Heaven resided right here on this planet, right here on this very Earth. 

The beginnings of Creation were not new to you. They were not new to me. They were a space that we knew well for it was our make up. It was the make up of our divine eternal essence.  It was a space of love, of joy, of togetherness. Where I saw you for me and you saw me for you. We saw each other as we. We did not separate. We did not fight. We knew the truth, this was our essence, and because we were this essence, we were able to live this essence.

Over time our sacred foundations have been eroded. They have been eroded by the lies, the torture and the misgivings of the men, women and beings who have decided that power, that control, that force, that separation will serve their own agendas.

We have strayed so far from the very foundations of our Creation that we have forgotten what it could look like.  We have forgotten that we are truly one with the Creator and in this, we are one with each other.   The foundations of Heaven were split apart and gave rise to Hell.    

Now, be very clear – on this Earth you can have either. You can look in any direction, and you can find either reality.  This is the beauty of Creation.   Where you put your focus will lead you directly to this unfolding.  Where attention goes energy flows, and in this, you are not an innocent bystander in this drama.  This Creation that we now live as life, you are not an innocent bystander in any or all of it.  Whether this is your life, the life of your loved ones, or the life that you see unfolding for the masses, you are not an innocent bystander.

For you have the power, you have the will, you have the expression within you to create new worlds, to undo the harm that has been done, to mend the gaps of the past and to step forward as one people, as one nation, as one force under God. You have the power to stop all of this madness that has been created to surround you and blanket you from your truth.  Yet, you must use this force. You must use this force.


Together is the answer. When you reach critical mass together, then you will have your answer.   You will know this critical mass when the shifts arise, when the walls crumble, when the demons retreat, and when you are ready to stand on your own feet and say, we retake our power, we reclaim our lands, we rebuild our cities, and we make this Earth the creation that was intended.  We make this Earth the space of the love and the light of the Holy. We return this Earth to the frequencies and the blueprint that were originally intended. We make this Earth, once again, the Kingdom of Heaven that was intended.   

And we do this now.  We do not wait. We forge forward together now to create the changes that are required.

For some of you that will be stepping fully into the love that you are; stepping into the love, the peace, the joy, the eternal flows of the Creator that lies within.  For some of you, this will be all that it takes to change worlds.

For others, you must abandon the old.  You must make peace with the past, you must find for yourself a new expression, a new direction for the life force energy that flows through you and is you. Some of you will need to abandon the old and create the new.

Each one of us has our role, each one of us has our purpose.  Each one of us has our reason for being right here, right now at this time.   

What is yours?

This is a call to the leaders, a call for the leaders of the tribes to rise. This is a call for the leaders to step forth, gather your people and lead them Home; for our work has just begun.

We must unite in these times, We must allow the separation to dissolve, and we must bring forth New Earth so that once again humanity can thrive.

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