You are the Change

When you realize the orchestration of Divine Creation, there is no blame. There is only serenity. There is only acceptance of the situation for it is YOU . A direct reflection of you. Right now. Right here in this moment.

This serenity is the peace that you require to change worlds.

Have you found your true God Source Essence? Have you found the space where you sit and nothing else resides? Have you found the space where all else falls to the side because you know the true innate power of who you are? Have you found this space? Have you found the space of all that is, all that was, and all that could be? Because when you find this space…when you find this power…when you find this essence of you, and you unite with the others who have also found this space, then the divinity of YOU, the true YOU, the one and only YOU will be unleashed.

And unleashed, this power of YOU, this is what the world needs. This is what the world requires. This is what we require to move forward as one humanity, one tribe, one essence.

Right now, we are faltering. We are weak. We are paralysed and the destroyers of worlds are upon us. Can we stop? Can we look at the bigger picture of the humanity nation right now? Right now in this moment. Can we look at this?  What is the core issue right now that is separating this race at the seams?

The core issue is you. The core issue is that you do not see yourself for the true power, the true essence, the true spark that ignites worlds that you are.  You only see the chaos; you see the rubble; you see the destruction of lives to come and lives past. You see the eroding of your nations. You see the eroding of humanity. You see the eroding of the systems that were once put in place that are inevitably going  to tumble down.

But you do not see YOU. You do not see the TRUTH OF YOU. And this is what must change. This is the change that is required to rebuild our world. We must unite under this banner. Under this banner as ONE.

When we see that the true essence of you, is the true essence of me, is the true essence of the eternal God Source Creator that we each are, then we will restore…then we will rebuild…then we will be the change that unites worlds. Until then… We will continue to erode. So I invite you… in all of you power…in all of your presence…in all of your sovereignty…in all of your remarkable nature, to ask yourself: WHY AM I HERE?

Why are you here? Are you here to rebuild worlds? Are you here to become the force that God Source Eternal right now requires you to be ? Are you here to be the One that will take this planet to a different plane? Are you here to be the true force of the CREATOR? Are you here to be YOU?

Because if you are my friend, then I ask you to step up with me. To step up into your eternal God Essence and do not settle for anything less. Do not settle for the blame, the victimhood, the devastation, the pain, the sorrow, the holds that bind humanity. I ask you to step into your TRUTH. The Truth and the Essence of YOU.

And that truth, my friends, is that you are a spark of the Creator. Nothing more. Nothing less. And in this spark, you are the light. You are the change. You are the Divinity that will rise from the ashes.

Ai ya siu tai ah na, siu tai ah na. Ku ma ku ma sia ku ma sia.

Ai ya siu tai ah.

Zhara x

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