Fear: The Source Of Separation

Fear. Let’s talk about fear.

The only way that fear can hit is when we have the cracks, when we have the holes, when we have the wounds that reside within the heart. When we have been made to think that power lies outside of ourselves, then the fear can take hold.

Where in your life have you given away your power? Where in your life have you said this is outside of me, this situation is outside of myself?

Because my friends, when you see what is driving you, when you understand the forces that are at work, then you will notice that if you are in fear, You are not driving you. You are not anywhere close to driving you.  You have let “the powers that be” dominate. You have let them take control of your very essence… your very being.

And this is no longer ok.  It is time for you, for each of us, to return to the innate knowing within us and to reconnect to the heart source; to the heart source that is one with God.  When we operate from this space, there is no fear. There is no outside power that can dominate you or that can control you.  And this is where we must heal the wounds… we must find the source of these wounds and put on the brakes to stop the forces from driving us apart as individuals and as a collective.

For on the individual level, can you recognise what is happening? You feel fear for some reason or another. You feel the fear and what occurs is that you separate You from You. And then you rest in a place of untruth, a place in which you are not the true version of yourself, which is nothing less than a fractal, a piece of God, with all of the same innate characteristics and qualities that God has.

You are a Creator.

Where have you given your power away? Where have you bought into fear? Where have you said, “You know better than I do”?

Where do you feel out of alignment with you, which is the all knowing, all seeing, force of none other than God?

Do you feel yourself as God? Do you know that the support that you summon from the very depths of your being, the very core of who you are, will always be there for you? No matter what.  Do you know this?

If we don’t know this, fear has made its way in, and we have lost the ability to see the truth.

Fear has done a brilliant job of making its way through the cracks, making its way through the holes. Making its way through the very fabric of our beings to ensure we no longer recognise the power that we hold. And fear, my friends, is no longer warranted. It is no longer being the gift that it was originally designed to be. It was a gift for us to see where we were out of alignment with who we are… what has happened is that fear was taken ahold of, taken advantage of and has been made to manipulate to depths that are unspeakable.

We each have this choice… we have a choice to say goodbye to fear. We have a choice to say, the blanket no longer rests over me and my life. I stand up to the fear, and I say no more. I choose to look you in the eye. I choose to look you in the eye and say, I see you. I see you for what you are, and you are not welcome in my reality any longer. I see you for what you are – a tool to keep me down and to keep me from experiencing the true beauty, the true essence, the truth of who I am. I now ask you to depart.

Ask for the assistance, ask for the recognition, ask for the clarity to be returned. Ask for the fear to go, and the truth to be reinstated. Do this for yourself. Do this for your loved ones, your community, your nations. For when the fear is recognised for what it is, then will the changes we are calling for be realised. 

Together let us see past the fear.  Together may we rise.

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