The Eternal Essence of You

The eternal essence of you is nothing short of YOU, the expression of God/Source/The Creator embodied in human form.

Do you understand this potency? This power that lies within you? That lies smack dab in the middle of your heart? Do you realise the power that you carry? The power to ignite worlds, the power to change the future and alter the past?

This is nothing less than the TRUTH. The truth of who you are is that you are an eternal being of light… of pure Source resonance… and the the fire, the flame that has forever been etched into your heart has just been dimmed.

But it’s time… it’s time to reignite the flames of the past days, the flames that once burned so brightly among the masses… it’s time to find the expression of Self again, full authentic expression of Self.  For the Self must express in order to feel the wholeness that is your Divine birthright.  The Divine birthright must be regained, must be taken back, must be allowed to burn to it’s full frequency.

For when you turn up this flame, when you feel it’s heat, when you reignite the flames of the ones that walk beside you… then my friends, we have the power to create worlds.

And a new world is on the horizon…. The foundations are crumbling, the systems are failing, the truth being revealed… that our society has been built on a deck of cards… a house with no solidity…. For the integrity was forgotten… the care for man, woman and child left out of the equation… and no more will the People take it.

And so a new society is on the brink of arriving…who will build this? Will ghosts of the past re-emerge or will we build a foundation based on the solidity of the One Source Creator? The essence that knows the natural ways of being… that knows the love of the people must come first. That this must be the cornerstone of our future flagship society…a society in which we say no more to corruption, to evil, to casting aside our fellow man for a dollar.

Instead this will be a society of human races uniting as One Tribe, to take back the everlasting truth that was cast aside. The everlasting truth that we are truly One…One Source Creator in fractal form. So when you look at your neighbour, when you look at your brother, when you look at the man by your side, you truly see just another version of Self.

May we come together, may we unite…to rebuild on a foundation firmly footed with God’s everlasting footprint.

Ah siu tai ah oh ma na siu tai ah.

May we see each other in a light that is everlasting.

Zhara x

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