May We Lead Them Home

May we speak to the humanity nations, those who have come before, those who are yet to follow. Your job is complete for the ones here right now are the ones who will return you Home.

Today will pave the way for the future to be reclaimed and the past to be let go. They are here to do the work. To follow in the footsteps of God/ The Creator/ The Source of All Things.

They are here to return the destiny, the Divinity of the Human Template to the people. They are here in many forms, have many roles, have many paths, but they are here. There is no doubt they are here and the seas will part, the waves will rise as they unite with themselves, in the centre that resides within the Heart, and with each other.

Watch out, for the Force that is coming is unlike no other. It is a United Tribe.

A Tribe of One who is ready to do the work that Destiny has already paved a path for. You are United under One God, under One Unity, under One Source Conscious Creator Force. You are United in a way that many of you can not fathom. You are here en masse to ensure that the work of the nations is complete. To return the Divine Human Blueprint to the masses – to those who are ready, to those who are awakening, to those who are ready to rise.

We are here to tell you that this will occur. It is destined to be.

Now let us align with the paths of least resistance to get there.

This is the time. This is the space, this is the duty of those who walk here now. They have made a pact, they have made a promise. They have made a promise to the people to return them Home, and Home they will come. One after another. One after another they will walk into the arms of the Mother, the arms of the Father, the arms of the Wholeness that they are and see the Divinity revealed.

For they are but the One True God Source Creator in physical form. And they will reclaim this power that they hold. They will reclaim the being that they are. They will reclaim the life that they are here to live, and you will lead them home.

Each and every one of you reading will lead them home – with your words, with your smile, with your intent to do no harm and do no wrong, with the intent to be the truest version of Self that you can be. To be the Truth of the God Force that resides within you. To be the Truth of the Creator. To be this Truth embodied. They will see you, and they will be called Home.

So may we do our job. May we be in peace. May we be in love and may we be in service to those who have past, those who are present and those who are yet to come. For they are all One with you. Each and every one of them is One with You.

This is the truth of the humanity nations. We are not alone. We are not separate. We are not isolated. We are here together in presence, in positivity, in complete and total dedication to each other.

And now we must Unite.

Ah siu tai ah, siu tai ah, siu tai ah.

And so it is so . And so it is so. And so it is so.

May the Peace and Force of the Truest Eternal God Source be with you.

Zhara x

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