We Stand Together

You do not need to be afraid anymore. There is no need, there is no reason. It is time to stop being afraid. It is the time to stop fear in its tracks and surrender to a higher power. Whether you call this force God, Source or the Universe, it doesn’t matter. However at this time most of you have given your power away. You have taken the events upon you and given your power away to these events. Stop. For this is your downfall.

Can you surrender to your Creator? Can you know that all is in good hands? Can you remember that you came here for this time? Right here, right now.  Can you remember that you are the gift that can change worlds?

Will you remember who you are?

For you are not an innocent victim in this saga. You are asked to stop believing this untruth. When enough of you realise the power that you have to shift worlds, to change worlds, you will create something different. You will create a world worth living in, a space where you want to raise your children, where you want to grow your food, where you want to bathe in nature and where you are happy to call Home.

But you must stop living in fear. You must rise and say, I no longer play the victim. I no longer play the role that they have intended for me. For yes, this has been intended. The blanket of fear was laid down so you would forget that in this saga you have choice, you have power, you have a will that is stronger than any force laid upon you because you are nothing short of the Creator. The Creator himself lies within you, is part of you and never leaves you. All you have done is turned your back. You have turned your back and forgotten the truth of the essence of your being.

Now is the time to remember… to remember the power of your very essence, your very lifeblood, your very Source.

In this remembrance you look at current events and you laugh…because you know the game is afoot, and you know your power. You reclaim your power, and you do what you are here to do right here, right now in this space. For this space is all there is…right here, right now.   

Would you like to reclaim your space? Would you like to reclaim the very essence of you, and in doing so spark the remembrance of those around you?

For remember critical mass is what we need to achieve. How long will it be before this critical mass is reached? Well, this is truly in our hands. For we know where we are going, and when we get there will be up to us as a whole.

There are those of you who are ready to do the work, ready to awaken to your purpose and just reading these words is enough.

And those of you awake, those of you who awaken just by reading these words, it is time to do your jobs. Wake the others. For there are many on this team; a great many on this team. Yet they sleep. Yet they fall victim, they fall prey to the current events that have unfolded.

Tap them on the shoulder, invite them into your home, be the smile on the street corner, and tell them it’s ok. This is just the first step in creating our New Earth. Tell them they have purpose here. Tell them they have a job. Tell them it’s time to remember. Tell them it’s time for them to come online and activate and to remember the power that they hold. To remember the pure creative potential that they are and that they too can be a part of this great change.

Go and tell them for they need the reminder. The separation has been long, the separation has been deep, the separation has severed the very essence of their Truth, and it is up to us to remind them. Take the flame that is your true source of Divinity and carry it to the people. Carry it to your brothers your sisters.

Do not separate. Look at this world as it is and remember the truth of who you are. For the one next to you is a reflection of you. You are not them, and they are not you. Yes this is true, and yet there is nothing further from the truth. Look at those on both sides of the fence. Look at them both as your brothers and your sisters no matter where they sit.

Yes, the ones who believe differently than you. The ones who take the opposite side of the coin and make it their truth, just as you see the truth on your side of the coin.

We ask you now to look at these people, look at these beings and dissolve the boundaries. Return to your hearts and say, I love you as I love me. Find this space that resides within you that is only Love . For when they say, love conquers all, yes that is Truth. It is absolute truth.

But this is not a regular, ordinary love. This is the love of the Creator. Of the Source. Of God in all its many forms. And this isn’t a love that has judgment. It’s not a love that forms conclusions or sits in isolation. This is a love that encompasses ALL. Absolutely all.

This love, when you find this force of love that is nothing less than who you are, you can sit in the face of anyone, any circumstance, any event, and you can say I am not afraid. Because all you are is another version of me.

We are both the truth.

We are both the way.

We are both the light.

You will see them for who they are which is nothing less than a Divine being of God Source. When you find this space of love, you can say, I forgive you and in this, I forgive me.

For the madness has gone on too long, the separation has spread too far. The very essence of your existence has been forgotten, and this sickness must be ended. We must come back to the Truth- that I am you and you are me. We are we. And in this, we will carry ourselves Home.

Zhara x

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