“The Kingdom of Heaven” And The Space In Between

Do you understand “The Kingdom of Heaven”? Do you understand what this term means? This is not the Kingdom of Heaven in the biblical sense.  This is your divine birthright; this is the space in between the cells.

This is the space where solitude, silence, oneness and the true beauty, the true joy, the true essence of All That Is resides; this is the eternal nature of You. This is the Kingdom of Heaven, and it does not lie outside of you. It is not something to attain. It is not something to find. It is not something to seek. It is not something to await. It is not something you can reach, for you are already there and you don’t even know it.

All you must do is look within.

Go within…Go within..Go within.

For this eternal essence of you, is awaiting…it is awaiting you to recognise the gifts that are right here in front of you. It is awaiting you to find the space of who you are in all of your glory…in all of your realness…in all of your magic…in all of your grace…in all of your beauty…in all of your beingness.

For the Kingdom of Heaven does not lie outside. It has never been outside of you. It has been within you this entire time, and you have only forgotten.  Find this space. Immerse yourself in this space and ask for it to be replicated in every area of your life. Match it in every area of your life.  Ask for it. Find it.  Know it.  Feel it…and then you will be Home.

The Kingdom of Heaven has never been outside of you and never will be outside of you. Do you understand this? Take back your power. Take back your soveriegnty. Reclaim your birthright and again be the true God force that you are.  For this is You…. In your entirety. This is You… In your sovereignty. This is You…. As you find your way Home.

Zhara x

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