Thank You For The Gifts

When we look at ourselves and can say, “thank you for the gifts,” we acknowledge that we are the Creator. In every pain, in every lesson, in every aspect of growth, if we can look at ourselves and ourselves only, then we have found the tool for the true healing to occur. When we continue to look outside, the gift is missed. The reality is missed. Blame has been laid, and it prohibits the true gift of growth.

For all of this growth, every single step is being paved out for you to find your way Home, to find your way back to the Source that you are and that you were never removed from.  For, my friends, you are God, and you have forgotten. You have only forgotten. You forgot that you removed yourself from this very essence of Source to have the experiences, to live the lives, to feel the pain, the joy, the sorrow, the love and have the experiences that you wanted to have and to become the people you wanted to become. But the real truth of this experience, is plain and pure. You are God; nothing more, nothing less than the true Source Creator.  You and every single one around you. You are all fractals, pieces of the eternal Source of life.

Are you ready to remember?

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