Raising A Little Man

You are raising a little man.  Not a boy, not a child…there is a turning point in a boy’s life when they are ready to be treated like a little man. With discipline, with love, with truth, with honesty and with heart. They want to be related to as adults but are still in a little boy’s body.

He is ready for you to trust him with the world , but not yet ready for the responsibility. This little man wants your love, he wants your attention, he wants  to feel the Truth of who you are so that he may find the Truth of who he is. This little man is your son and he wants you to call him Home.

He wants you to tell him that he has been separate from his Source, and it is time to reclaim the Divinity that is right inside him. The wholeness that he is. He wants you to tell him all about it. All about the Son, the Father, the Holy Ghost…the truth of the humanity nations.

This little man needs to hear the truth of his origins so he does not get led astray. This little man needs the truth. He must start now. He must now know who he is, and why he is here. This little man must be brought up to the do the work of God, in God’s name and for the people. He is ready for this job. He is ready for this role, and this little man needs your love and support if he will turn into the man he is supposed to be.

So go to him tell him you are sorry. Tell him he is the greatest gift of God and that you are here to support him. He just must come to you and ask for what he needs, and you will ensure it happens. Ensure he has the love of the mother. This is your job. Make sure he is loved. He must have the love of the mother, or he will fall. He must have the love of the mother.   

Zhara x

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