God Knows Not Dark Nor Light. God Knows All.

When we look at the greater expanse of reality as a chamber for growth we see beyond the veil of illusion of the material world. We are able to find the capacity to expand into the Heart and the seat of the Self.

Does this expansion require only lightness of being to come forth? Of course the light is required, but to disregard the dark, the shadow of the Self, will negate much of the work that you do on the other side. The term “other side” refers to “the land before time”, the very Essence of the Self which finds its portal within the Heart.

The Self did not land in this time/space only to experience joy, the Self required the ability to make its way through the darkness of the night. The Self required the innerstanding and knowledge that it is of light so radiant and magnificent that no dark could ever stamp it out.  The light wanted to discover that its eternal glow was so bright that it could never be lost, merely extinguished.

When the Self is ready for the true evolution, the Self will bring to it the magnificence of experiences in which the light is shed and the darkness reigns. The Self requires experience of all dimensional realms in order to be at One with The Creator.

And from that space, the darkness can reign or the light can shine again. And from there, true peace is born. That is the Infinite Choice we have as the incarnate Creator. To judge the darkness, the pain, the suffering as an experience one would rather deny reeks havoc within the entirety of the whole, for it is denying the state of grace, the state of bliss, abundance and happiness that exists on the other side.

This is a world of pleasure and a world of pain. We can not negate one or the other, but we can choose.

As a society we must stop the bypass and look into the wounds, the shadows and suffering of mankind.  Look deeply into the recesses, the corners and find what is draining the light, for the tunnels of darkness will lead to chasms unexplored. When the light shines into these spaces, the true transformation can begin.

Bypassing dark nights and the shadows will lead to more pain and suffering in eternal circuit until the Self and the Whole acknowledges that this human form of existence is pain, it is suffering and through that portal of hell is the other side. When we experience the Truth of Existence rather than deny it, the true transformation can take place.

This is the God Self incarnate in its whole. God is not light, nor dark.  God is All That Is – the infinite field of energy from which we innately create.  To separate suffering, to separate pain is a chasm, a divide that reigns only in the hearts of men. For the Infinite Source there is no judgment on the form of incarnation that One takes. And because there is no judgment there is only love. 

Written With Love by Zhara J Mahlstedt 

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