Darkness is But only a shadow of the Light


One sees One for who One truly is, the true nature of reality becomes obvious. This is the quintessential moment in time when all reality is exposed, when there is no limit, there is no must. There is only the pure and sweet surrender to the Heart, the Eternal Essence of God.

When One Sees One for who One is, the truth is revealed to the masses – that there is no fight. There is no war. There is no room for maneuvering and manipulating, for the One that shines this brightly stops them all in their tracks.

There is no more game. There is no more win, no more lose. Only a manifestation of Self remains. There is only a reflection of the Great Beyond from within and the epitome of love shines so brightly that One cannot see their reflections in the shadows any longer. The essence of this light shines so powerfully that the Truth of all reality becomes evident before One can even say a word.

When One sees One for who One truly is, the curtains come falling down and the truth is revealed, plain as day before the masses.

When One sees One for who One truly is, the light needs no more amplification for the light shines so brightly that its own power naturally moves into alignment with the Greatest Gift of All…that there is no separation between One and God. One and God are one and the same.

When we step into the light…when we see the shadows that stand before us…we yell not, we speak not, we love not. We see the Truth, that this One is only a reflection of me.

So my friends, I ask you to look deeply. Where have you held yourself apart from the shadows? Where have you looked and said, he or she is separate from your Self? Where have you seen this piece of the whole and called it separate and judged it for who you think it is or who it ought to be?

Where have you illuminated your light and called the darkness black?

This, my friends, is the gravest mistake of all human kind, for we are not separate. the shadow that stares you down from across the street, playing field, room or the border is none other than YOU staring you back. Love this piece of YOU. Cherish this piece of YOU, find this piece of YOU and you will find Home.

Zhara x

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