All Roads Lead Back to The Sea

Can we see the Truth of the moment? In every realm we walk, we are all a part of God. Whether we do so by accident or through pure intentional will, all roads lead back to the Sea.

We all transcend this gap in time and space and return to the Eternal Creator each and every time. For this lifetime is not the first and it is not the last. While we may incarnate in different realms in different Universes, in different reality streams, we are a never ending version of Consciousness that is subject to change.

We shape our material world just as we do our etheric. We become the Love, Light and the Laughter just as we have been the Dark Night of the Soul.

We have played these ballgames, stood in these shoes, night after night after night. And so it moves on. And so it stays still. For it is all one and the same Truth.

That we are the Eternal Essence of God. Moving forward nonetheless, marching all the way Home.

How do we find our way through the storm when it rains? When it pours? When the thunder and lightning is so thick and blinding that we feel we will never find our way out?

Those are the questions we are here to answer for our Selves. For it is in this work, in this presence with All That Is, even the unwanted, that we find God. We find our Selves staring back at us, showing us the way.  We can not escape the Ever Present Truth that we are The Creator and that we are having these gateways of experiences due to our own desire to shape our understanding of the All That Is.

When we are able to sit in the present, sit with the truth of what is unfolding, which is by our design, and our design only, we will have the breakthrough that we are looking for.

That we have designed our current moment in time, whether by choice or default, it is our own design. When we hold no one else but our own Self responsible, then we will find the freedom that we require to take off our own shackles, strip back to our own desires and light the way down the tunnel.

And once you find that edge, the one that despite the fear you are willing to jump from, you will find that the Truth stares you back once more.  That you can do anything. That you can be anyone. That you can shape the world, your Creation, as you want to see it.

But my friends, it is not a journey for the faint of heart, for the dismantling that comes may not be as easy as you would like…. But it will be as easy as you allow it to be.  It truly is your choice. You get to decide. You are able to shape your destiny.

But if you do find yourself in a place of pain, embrace it, be it, find your way through, knowing that YES you will come out the other side.

Ah siu tai ah siu mai ah.

For you are but a reflection of me.

Let’s enjoy the ride.

Zhara x

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