The Gifts of the Creator

As we begin our new path, as One Humanity United on the Destiny Page, may we understand our origins, may we understand each other.  For we were birthed from the One Source Creator of All Things. And in this, we are brothers and sisters holding hands together walking forward to create a New Humanity.

Regardless of who you are, where you walk and who you walk with…regardless of your background, beliefs or orientations… regardless of your past, present or future, there is a place for you with the Creator. There always has been and always will be.

This Earthly experience delivers to us each an experience, an opportunity to remember the Gifts the Creator has bestowed… this opportunity to realise the true nature of the Self.  The true nature that we are all interconnected, interdependent, weaving a web together in which we can do no wrong, do no right. For it is all an experience, an experience for us to grow, to live, to learn.

To take the blessings at hand, regardless of their appearance, for the Truth is that each nightmare, each song, each breathe from your loved one, even in their dying moment, is nothing but the most incredible gift for us to see the Truth of the Eternal Nature of God.

We are each but a fractal of the Eternal Source of Existence.  When One sees the beauty of which they are apart, they know no hurt, they know no pain, they know no separation from the Self or Source. They only see the true gifts which are upon them, that each moment in time is an opportunity to come closer to God.

So may you see the gift of the brother you fight, the sister that you hate, the relative who pushes your buttons the most. May you see the gift of the parent who has abandoned you or the one who has tormented you all of your life. May you see the gift that regardless of the pain, the trauma, the unforgiveness that has hardened the heart, the only thing that you must see is that this pain is only a reflection of the Eternal Self.

So look closely.

Feel deeply.

Allow the emotions to arise and allow the healing to begin, for the Truth of your Eternal Essence will shine forth. And in this you will see the window to the Soul… the Eternal Truth that you are no less than the Eternal Source of God himself. You are the Force that Creates Worlds, just as I. And together we are the difference, we are the change that will carry us Home.

May you be blessed.

Zhara x 

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