Rebuilding before societal collapse

A Personal Narrative 

Societal structures and control systems are on the brink of full collapse.  It is now that we must rebuild in order to secure a future in which we are thankful to be a part of. 

Most of humanity is currently walking blind amongst of the ruin of civilization that to most eyes appears intact. When I look at what is occurring through the eyes of God, it is anything but business as usual. 

There are ruins everywhere. Global collapse is rife in the hearts of men due to the inbred fear mechanism that has been place within them for the “betterment” of society. This particular lineage began at the dawn of time as we know it when alien intervention required a slave class to keep their own engines turning.  

Not only did the human race suffer from inbreeding, genetic distortions, and isolation of pain within their heart, they were then harvested one by one so that others could feed from their souls. 

This game has come to an end, and in order to turn the tides on the powers that currently occupy our current time / space, a complete eviction of these demons must occur. 

Many of you may think I am a bit out there, others not ready to face the truth for the New Age spiritual distortion of “focus on the positive” did a good job of pointing you down the garden path.

I will speak as clear as day. Until we are ready to peel back the covers, look under the veil, and in the shadows of our own society and genetic lineage, the suffering, the war, the violence and the devastation will continue. 

How much longer will you walk by a version of your own Self in the street who is crying out in pain due to rape, mutilation, and genocide? When will you be ready to turn this game on its head and take back the innate power that you have? 

My friends, it will be up to you as to when you begin to understand the truth of who you are and who wanted to keep you from realizing it for their own gain. Until then, you can play in the shallows and ignore the fact that the civilization as you know it is coming to an end. 

For those who are ready, willing, and listening – begin the rebuild now. Ensure you have sustainable infrastructure in place for complete global collapse. This is not going to happen overnight, and we still have a few decades to prepare, but if we are not ready, it will not be pretty. 

There are multiple timelines at play that I can see. One sees a civilization under God, under Unity, under trust that has planted the seeds for generations to follow through the use of their own ingenuity, wisdom, and trust in the divine order of the natural world. 

Another timeline sees complete havoc as the breakdown of systems forces those in dire straights to resort to unspeakable means for survival. Please don’t underestimate this potential reality, however, also give it no weight. 

Use what you’ve got within your own society and your own constructs to build a civilization of greatness that takes care of every living being here on Planet Earth. 

I have been shown templates of the New Earth grids as well as the systems and structures that require rebuild. It spans every sector of civilization as we know it beginning with goodwill to all men. Healthcare and well-being cannot be solely for those who have cracked the code to wealth. 

In a civilized nation state, all are cared for regardless of race, creed, age, gender, or genetic dispositions. Where do you need to address this imbalance with your own Self and the reflection echoing into the halls of society? 

There are geniuses who walk among you, who know what you are here to do.

As the masses awaken, give them hope, give them solace, and give them care, for they will not know how this tampering with the world economic systems could have occurred, and first and foremost on their minds will be revenge. 

This will create havoc beyond what we already currently have. The inbuilt fear mechanisms will be overtaken by the creatures who have already harnessed the heart space. Do not let it occur.

Teach them about love. Teach them about grief. Teach them how to fish and let them become their own fishermen.  Do not delay in this approach either. Currently you have a society of co-dependent humans who will rely on anyone and anything that proposes rescue. 

This is another trap coming to your door fronts. In fact, some of your species have already entered and made deals with the devil. Literally. 

And by no means is this not part of the greater game. There is nothing wrong with what has occurred. It’s all been part of a long growth cycle for mankind. Now that the species is maturing, I propose that it makes choices suited with adulthood. As a society you have to decide if you wish for it to continue the way that it is or do you wish to go another way. You must choose. 

It is mankind’s right to enjoy a free will Universe. The time is occurring for your sovereignty to return, yet you are not ready. You are still reliant on other people’s systems, other nation’s supplies, and have yet to learn how to dig into the ground to produce your own food. 

The farmers carry the generational wealth of the coming decades, yet even they are unprepared for what’s to come. Get them on the land running sustainable operations that do not require localized or regional grid activity. 

Solutions are appearing every single day. Yet are you looking? Are you aware of what is possible or are you caught in the same trap of relying on what has been? 

Step out of the box, into the light and see what natural wonders abound. Harness the power of Mother Earth (with, and only with, her consent) and build a nation state in which people are cared for, pleasure becomes a priority, and consent is mandatory. 

The list of improvements is long, however, many lightworkers on the planet (you may know them as some of your scientists or entrepreneurs) have been well underway for decades. Their inventions and innovations just need to be picked up and used. 

The potential for greatness exists in each one of us. It is already well underway, but we must attune to the heart. If we find the space in which love resides, we will be well-equipped for the coming years. Without the heart activated, we create the same situation, different problem, different year. 

We have got to learn to love. As we rebuild from this space, we will be in a position to navigate any storm. 

Love does not come from hand to heart. It comes from heart to hand. It means that what you do to another is what you would have done to yourself. So, dig deep my friends. Don’t deny this expression that wants to come forth, for it does. 

Pain, denial, grief…this is all part of the process of deconstructing the lies that your entire existence has been built upon. 

You are the Creator. You are the Source incarnate and everything else was a lie. 

Once you tap this space, once you access these memories, your rebuild will take on a shape and life of its own. Find it, my friends. Your own access point. Your own home. 

You have got this. 

 -Zhara J. Mahlstedt


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