One Nation Under God

When the time came for the people to rebel, to reclaim their freedom, their sovereignty, their own dominion, they came forward one by one to reclaim their hearts.

They knew not why, but they knew no longer could they be rooted to the ways of the past.  They knew the Great Change was occurring and one by one they embraced. Some led the way, others followed. And for the leaders of this tribe, they saw the Great Unfolding begin.

They knew not how, they knew not when, however they knew that at one moment in time, all would change. Slowly, gradually the people would they find their expression. One by one they would stand up. One by one, they would come forth. One by one, from the shadows they would emerge.

And when they emerged in mass would the Greatest Story Ever unfold. For the people were ready for the change. They were ready for the upset that the Great Warrior Class would have upon the status quo. They were ready to take back their homes, their lives, their dominions, and they were ready for the freedom in their souls they knew existed.

But they knew not how for the chains were intact, and they knew not how to break free.

And as they saw the legend unfold, they began to have hope. They began to see that yes, there were those who led the way. There were those who were able to move forth from the shadows and begin to repair their Home. There were those who were unafraid of the rise of the darkness and only saw them for a shadow of the light.

And so it was, there were those in the wings awaiting the time when they too said No More.

And as the Nations united, as they lay down their swords, the endgame became clear, for it was One Nation Under God that was the key to the turning of the tides.

And as it was shown, the human race moved forward together, free from bondage, free from suffering and The Golden Age began.

Zhara J Mahlstedt

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