What if this entire reality was a false front? What if this matrix was literally a device in which you were locked into, restricted and held as a virtual prisoner?

What if there was a way out of this state of ownership, this state of possession?

What if the truth of the matter was, you just need to say no? What if all you had to do was say no, I revoke consent? And to continue to do so until your voice was heard?

Because no matter how much you give into the knowing that you are The Creator, you are Divinity in Motion, you are a Vessel of Spirit, a body of Water illuminated by the Eternal Flame, until you withdraw your consent, you are still running in circles within a playing field not designed for you to win.

How do we withdraw consent? In every moment you must choose for the light. You must choose for the darkness to be seen, for the oppression to be countered, for the truth of the matter to be shown. You must choose love, you must choose compassion, you must choose between good and evil. Each time you choose good, you encounter another spark of innocence inside that lights a flame in the Halls of Time.

For the dark does roam the Earth in search of light to swallow. While we can look from above this playing field with the eyes of the Divine One, that sees no wrong in any aspect of the game, for it is all for the growth of the Eternal Self, there is also another aspect.

And that is – it is time to fight. To right the balance and to restore harmony on this Earth Plane. And that is the game we play…. We choose to stand in our own right and fight, not necessarily with the physical sword, although there will be many on this frontier that will choose that as their weapon. But many are now here to serve justice with their spoken Word.  For the Word shines a light into the hallowed halls of Creation and shatters illusion just as powerfully as the physical flame of justice.

And truth be told, both are needed right now. For the human with blinders on his Eye requires a means of retribution, a means of revenge. It is their first stage of awakening, to expose the lies for what they are. To sit in the face of evil and to insist that it stop. Many only know limited ways to express their rebellion, and this is ok. They must express.

For the time will come when we all evolve. When we look each other in the face and say, it’s not worth fighting anymore. For you are a reflection of me, and I of you. Because truth be told, we have played the many roles. We have played the darkness, and we have played the light, and we have always fought to uphold our respective beliefs.

My friends, we fight to uphold the illusion of separation. We fight so we can bring pain to the picture, to experience the separation from the Eternal Essence of All Creation. For if we knew not pain, how would we know pleasure? The dualistic nature of reality has us in its grasps and gives us only one of two choices in each moment. Do we expand or do we contract?

And that is the reality of this game. It is of duality.

However, there is a harmonic resonance that you may not yet be aware of. Its truth is broadcast in front of our faces day in and day out.  The Uni – Verse.  The One Song of the humanity nations is yearning to be heard, yearning to be seen. It is yearning for the day when the chains have fallen to the ground because of the people’s revolution. For the people must revolt. They must see what they stand for, and in doing so, they will be the saviour of their own Self and the entirety of the whole.

Written by Zhara J Mahlstedt 

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