Rise Up, Mankind, Rise Up


What will it take for us to see the Truth of the error of our ways? When will we begin to remember that we are here to take care of the individual as well as the whole? 

I write this as the northeasterly winds rage and fire takes hold of this sacred valley’s iconic peak across from the house in which I live due to the bushfire (wild fire) in the valley on the other side of our ridge.  Today it comes closer to home, as it will for so many of us, as we are tested and pushed to the limits to understand our eternal existence.

There have been many a day that the messages from the ancestors of the land and the Earth Mother herself fill my thoughts and energy field. They have been asking me to speak on their behalf for eons. To be honest, I have tried in many a lifetime, however have come across such severe rejection that it has been hard to not only gain a foothold, but to get started many times around.  

Because like many of us on this planet here to create change, I have cellular memories of destruction and disastrous results when I opened my mouth to speak on behalf of the goodness that is innately encoded within the human form. 

How do we overcome this barrier between lip service of saying what we are expected to say to maintain safety and status quo, and what we are really here to deliver?  I have come to my own realisations and processes, as we each must, but the truth is, all we need to do is start. 

Every day, I am tapped on the shoulder to remember that this Planet reminds us with her words whispered in the events that unfold throughout the natural realms. She asks us to take stock and count the blessings that this natural realm holds for us and not to lose sight of the real bounty that she provides.

Yet, sometimes we are blind to see. 

We focus on the technological advances or the toys and trinkets that we’ve been burdened with as we have moved away from the natural world, when the natural world is literally our saviour.  I do not suggest that advances and development are not part of a healthy evolution, however, in this evolution we forgot the real plan.

You have to look beyond the veil to see what is actually occurring here on the Earth plane.  Mother Earth was given to us, as a species, to care for, and in turn, she was to care for us. Because this Universe operates on a reciprocal plane, the laws of cause and effect are in motion. So as we give to the land our blessings, our nurturing, our care, she gives us bounty in the form of food, fuel, energy and natural wonderment.  

She was always designed to do this, and as an original race it was a true blessing to be given this opportunity to hum with a primordial field of energy that manifest into a vessel that we could travel with. It was truly a gift, and we knew it. 

At some point it all started to fall apart when we believed that the existence of the Creator was outside the Self and that the others who came to this planet to “support” our evolution knew more than we did. These were Creator races that had a very different agenda at play. Gene splicing began, and we moved further from the original Truth that we knew – that we are each the Creator incarnate. 

As we moved from this Truth, we moved further from the vessel that was carrying us in this incarnate realm of density, and we began to forget our intentions to do no harm, not just to the Earth, but to each other. 

Now as we move through these times that are trying and intense for many a soul, there are opportunities to begin anew and remember the original promise we made to each other and this Earth. This Earth wanted to love us so dearly that all illusion would remain aside. As we stepped into her forests and her streams, we would be reminded of the power and love that she wields for her fellow living beings. 

Now as the ridgeline across from me begins to burn, I can no longer sit idle as I hear the Earth’s cries to remind others of why this devastation in the form of flood, fire and famine is occurring in the first place. 

We forgot who we are, and She is trying to remind us.

We are each individually the Creator in manifest form. We can change situations on a dime with our individual and collective force. We can bring in a New Earth timeline that cares for one and all – and She knows it.

This is not to say that there aren’t portions of the human ecosystem that are not completely out of balance and causing destruction with their hands and weapons for ulterior motives. This is occurring on a massive scale, and this is why I write. 

You can counter this disproportionate force of evil with the goodness of your heart. Please remember who you are. You are capable of miracles. You are capable of so much magic and beauty.  But you must put “civility” to the side and begin to fight for your right to exist.

There are populations on this planet that would like to see the majority of the Earth’s ecosystem and residents annihilated. They do not care about the course of events, they just care for destruction as their souls have not moved past a very early evolutionary plight in which DNA was altered to see a radical shift in the original living form.  

These people must be stopped.

Yes, it is with restoring your own love. Yes, it is with the kindness of your word and your hearts. Yes, it is with balancing your own internal ecosystem in relation to the whole. Yes it is with giving to the Earth Mother in the form of blessings and repair, Yes, it is with a firm hand and boundaries when it is required.  

But some of you must also fight. You know who you are, and it is time to put a stop to the injustices that are occurring on this Earth plane. 

As you turn a blind eye or turn your back on the true mission of your incarnation this time around, you turn away from the very thing that will set you free.  For those of you reading that this strikes a chord with, please know your soul’s journey will turn that page you have been looking for, when you are ready to begin anew.

When you are ready to acknowledge that you came to turn the page on the destruction and devastation that is occurring to this population and the Earth Mother, you will begin to start a new life – the one that you have been waiting for, and your soul will breathe a sigh of relief for you will finally be on track. 

Where are you supposed to turn? Where are you supposed to go? Yes, it will always be within and only within for the true eternal Self to be realised, however many on this planet also came to conquer the fear of speaking out and to take action to stop the wars that are raging internally and externally.

Is that you?

Please know that you were planted exactly where you stand to speak your truth.

There is no more time for hesitation.

Do what you are here to do.

– Zhara J Mahlstedt 

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