The Unbridled

What does the horse have in common with the human spirit?

For too long we have been bridled against our consent, trained to behave in certain ways, content with our masters desires and wishes because we have had our basics provided for.

Fed, watered and feeling like we have had free will because we haven’t known anything different from the life we have lived.

The wild stallion runs free, not gelded, untrained and knowing his innate purpose in life. To be, to explore, to survive and to thrive.

The wild stallion with his herd roams the expanses looking at life from a very different perspective than the trained. They see the beauty in the expanses unknown, feel their innate gifts return, know the power within their cells and beat the tune from a different drum.

Never caged within fences and pastures, they know how to hum with the planet, know how to roam the Earth without boundaries.

The gelded, the broken, the bridled although they may first resist, eventually their will subsides and they learn to eat, breathe and sleep as they have been trained. They become content as usually their masters only have the best intent.

And so it goes with the population of the whole. Content in their misery as they see it not as a curse, not as a broken thread, but as the norm.

When One begins to break free from the trap of dominion over, the Truth begins to return, and like the wild stallion roams the Earth, One too recognises their own ability to be free.

– Zhara J Mahlstedt 

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