Life Encoded

There was a time when languages of this planet were based in unity. When languages of the planet resonated love. When the simple knowledge of “I am you and you are me” was remembered and was reflected in the words we spoke. There was a time when we remembered the very nature of existence and the roles we were here to play. There was a time when the people were not separate, when acceptance and togetherness thrived. When the true value of “together we are greater than the sum of our parts” was known…and we thrived.

Friends, the time is upon us again. The time is here where we take back our birthrights, where we reclaim our sovereignty, where we sit in the seat of the heart, and we emanate love. And love is what will change this world.

Many of you have still missed the mark. You are fighting. You are fighting the current, fighting the system, fighting the oppressors, fighting the controllers, fighting the dark that is upon the people and this land. You are fighting. And from this place we cannot win…we cannot truly win.

There is a space in between. Where you know what they are doing is wrong. You stand in your power and you say no more. You stand in your sovereignty and you put your foot down. You stand for what you believe and you say NO. You say NO MORE. But this place does not come from fight. This place comes from Love. It comes from a place in the Heart where you know who you are. Where you know who they are, and you know that what has happened on this planet is wrong. And you say NO MORE. But when we continue to fight them, we continue the fight within our own hearts. We continue the fight within our own souls. We continue the fight within our own lives. And we continue to fight the very essence of Creation that we all come from. And this resonates in every cell of our body.

And we continue to create fight.

Shed the tears. Shed the pain. Shed the rage that you hold onto. For hold onto it we do. For what has been perpetrated here is of the greatest trespasses and this defies imagination. What has been done to this race, to this planet is beyond the mind’s ability to conceive, for it would break us, bring us down, and have us praying on our knees.

We must stand up. We must unite. We must come together as one race, as one tribe. As one humanity and say NO MORE. No more control. No more domination. No more manipulation. No more agendas. It is time for the people to see the truth. And as they see the truth…. as each one opens their eyes, we will see the greatest unfolding of awakening, this planet has ever experienced. And in this unfolding, the people will be set free…for they will see the truth. They will know they have been lied to, they will know the unjustness, and they will need the answers. They will need the leaders to step forth to guide them home.

If you have found this text, you are a leader. You are one who will guide your people Home. Find within your heart, the peace…the love…the joy of the Eternal Creator. For in this space, you will become whole. The people will need to know how to become whole, and we cannot become whole from fight, from separation, from the energies that have torn us down over the eons.

We have to know who we are. For from this space, we can create the Earth that was supposed to be and that will be. And this space, my friends, is the space in between. It is the space in between the cells, where Eternal Creation resides. This space is unlike no other. It is a space where everything exists and nothing exists simultaneously. It is from this space, that we create.

The Life Encoded audios can bring you to this space. The language that I speak is from the space in between. It is the sounds of Creation unfolded. It is time to remember your Divinity. To remember that it all begins and ends with your Hearts. And friends, we must know… in this time of Great Divide, even our enemies are our greatest Creation. We are still one…and with the love of a Mother, with the love of a Warrior, we say No More. But we do so with a love that outshines all loves. It is the love that comes from Within, that is not separate from any aspect of Creation. It is a love that defies understanding, and it is time for us to return here.

To return Home.

From here we will create the change that we are waiting for. For until we find this, we will remain divided. And it is the time now, to Unite.

Zhara x

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