Narrowing The Gap to Infinite potential

Have you found the time and the space to heal the heart? Have you found the reason to go forward in your evolutionary journey back to Self? Back to the Oneness of All Creation? Have you found the reason why you must go on? Regardless of your emotional content… regardless of your story… regardless of the pain that you will encounter in opening the wounds that keep us trapped from the joy, the true joy of experiencing life with love?

If you have reached this point, you are beyond the egoic state. You are beyond the space in which you cast blame on another or find judgment of your Self.  You are at the point in your evolution where the boundaries have been torn down, the walls a thing of the past and the tears flowing freely.

You have found the point in your evolution where you are ready to look across the aisle at the one who has “caused your pain” and regardless of who they are, you are reaching across that aisle and seeing them as only another version of your Self.  You are truly seeing them for the gift that was given to you. The mirror reflection stares you back in the face and you see the gift of Who You Are.  You see this person, this group, this affair as only another version of Self.

For this is the true nature of our reality… we live in a holographic Universe where the nature of Self is reflected back to us in every single day, in every single way.  There is nothing less than perfection in this creation that shows us exactly what we need to see to find our way Home.

We look across the chasm, the divide that has been created by the One Source Creator in all his infinite wisdom and you see that this chasm, this divide, this conflict was purely orchestrated by none other than YOU, to find your way Home.

The perfection with this realisation will be the catalyst to your laughter… your joy. Your Eternal Self looking you back in the face with a knowing that you too are the Creator of Your Reality, will be the catalyst to your awakening… your true awakening….

And when you know the heartbreak, the loss, the guilt, the anguish,the shame or the complete bypass of emotional content is specifically placed to be used as a guide stone, a map, a beacon of light…. Then you will know that you have found God. For God is not outside…. God is within and the God Source Essence of your soul… of YOU… wants to let you know that you are in good hands.

Zhara x

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