God Knows Not Dark Nor Light. God Knows All.

The Self did not land in this time/space only to experience joy, the Self required the ability to make its way through the darkness of the night. The Self required the innerstanding and knowledge that it is of light so radiant and magnificent that no dark could ever stamp it out.  The light wanted to discover that its eternal glow was so bright that it could never be lost, merely extinguished.

All Roads Lead Back to The Sea

Can we see the Truth of the moment? In every realm we walk, we are all a part of God. Whether we do so by accident or through pure intentional will, all roads lead back to the Sea.

We all transcend this gap in time and space and return to the Eternal Creator each and every time. For this lifetime is not the first and it is not the last. While we may incarnate in different realms in different Universes, in different reality streams, we are a never ending version of Consciousness that is subject to change.

Narrowing The Gap to Infinite potential

You have found the point in your evolution where you are ready to look across the aisle at the one who has “caused your pain” and regardless of who they are, you are reaching across that aisle and seeing them as only another version of your Self.  You are truly seeing them for the gift that was given to you. The mirror reflection stares you back in the face and you see the gift of Who You Are.  You see this person, this group, this affair as only another version of Self.

On the Essence of Your Divine Presence

The blessing that you are is unlike no other.   Do you see You? Do you see the true essence of You? It is a gift unlike no other that was born onto this planet. Can you feel that? Can you feel the true depth of beauty of you? For when you see this beauty, when you can find this beauty, when you can arrive at the place where you love yourself unlike any other love that you have experienced, you will see and love others for the beauty that they are. No matter what.  You will see their soul.

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