On the Essence of Your Divine Presence

On the Essence of Your Divine Presence

The blessing that you are is unlike no other.   Do you see You? Do you see the true essence of You? It is a gift unlike no other that was born onto this planet. Can you feel that? Can you feel the true depth of beauty of you? For when you see this beauty, when you can find this beauty, when you can arrive at the place where you love yourself unlike any other love that you have experienced, you will see and love others for the beauty that they are. No matter what.  You will see their soul. You will see the reflection of you within them and them within you.  And your boundaries will dissolve. The essence and true spirit of Love will be all that remains.

We know that you walk in this world of boundaries, judgment, and filters. Yet, this is not YOU. This is not the essence, the core, the raw, real you. It is just not. Yet you have not been taught anything else. There is a space of Love that we want you to find. For it is this space of Love that will dissolve the illusion of the separation that has been present on your planet for so long.

From this space of Love you will create your new paradigm.  It is a love that is unlike any other. It does not judge, and it does not hold hostage the past or remain in the future. It is a depth of presence that is unlike any you have known. It is a depth of understanding the infinite realms of the cosmos. The infinite realms of the cosmos that lie within you. Not without….Within you…Not without. We look outside for our salvation when the only place to look is within. Always look within.  For within every cell, every fiber of creation exists.

Remember the depth of existence that you are at your core, at the seat of your soul.  For finding this depth, remembering this depth is the key to setting yourself free.

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