Being You

At the age of 20, destiny threw me a curve ball in the form of being pinned between two vehicles, which resulted in a set of mismatched legs at a time in a young woman’s life when looks were paramount to a sense of identity.

At the age of 40, I had a soul integration. I remembered who I was beyond this time and space, complete with split second remembrance of my native language, which is no longer spoken on this planet.  I knew why I was here and my role in the evolution of human consciousness.

Having two legs that looked completely different from every other human body was just a warm-up for standing out….

I am here as a living example to remind you to LOVE YOU, BE YOU and SHINE YOU for all of who you are, no matter what that looks like to others.  

Uniting The Tribes

In this time of human evolution, we are being called to see through the veil of separation. To cast aside our differences and judgements. To come together as One human family. As the time of this Great Awakening is upon us, we are being called back to our hearts. Back to a Remembrance of who we are beyond the egoic illusion.  For in this space, we will transcend together the darkness that was set upon this Planet. In this space, together we will rise…. 


Make the Connection

My job is to assist humanity in remembering who they are. If you feel I would be an inspiration to your audience, I’d love to hear from you

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Together We Rise

Accelerate Change.
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