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6 Day Exclusive Soul Purpose Immersion



From the very beginning, humanity has been separated from its Source.

This separation has been the root cause of the pain and the suffering on this planet and we have been separate from our Source for far too long.

Our systems were eroded, corruption took hold and the Divine blueprint of this earth and humanity were lost.

They were hidden. They were concealed. The truth was removed from our history books. The truth was taken from the ledgers.

The truth was removed from the memories of the population.

We are here to restore the connections lost. We are here to remind the people of the truth of their Divine Blueprint and to ensure the planet is returned to its rightful custodians.

We are here to ensure that the evil that has perpetrated the planet remains no longer.

We are here to call our people Home. If you hear this call, if you too, know this is why you are here at this time on planet Earth, I invite you to join me and the team at Kai Ah Siu Ma.


When you enter our space all pretences fall away.

We do not see you for your title, we do not see you for your accomplishments, we do not see you for your misgivings.

We look through the facade, and we see you for YOU.

Our 6 Day Homecoming is designed to specifically flow with you and where you are at in any given moment.

Conversation is key and just as solitude is available, so are our ears and our hearts. Here you reunite not only with YOU, but we also reunite with YOU.

We will recognise each other and know that we have walked this path before. We are reconnecting, reuniting from times long ago.

For the call to this space is not just for anyone, it is for those who are here on Earth at this time for a particular mission, and when we meet, you will know your work has only just begun.

You arrive on our grounds and leave the inauthentic version of yourself behind. As you walk through our doors, you are free to be YOU, the unashamed, unlimited, authentic version of you.

The tears may flow, the rage may vent,  the memories may surface, and we are here to hold this space.

We give you the permission to release the withholds, the pain, the regrets and the trauma that you have been carrying. We give you permission to be YOU in whatever form that takes.

As you leave behind the old stories and the old version, you will set yourself free. You will step into the space of knowing authenticity, what this can look like, with all defences removed, all walls torn down and all pretences and facades ripped away.

The authentic version of YOU will stare you in the face and you will recenter from this space and arrive in the place of your purpose.


Our guests are high net worth individuals, including the corporate executives, the famous and the infamous, who are ready to be and create the change.

You have awoken and recognise the madness of the current system that surrounds you and are no longer willing to be a part of the problem.

You are questioning everything or are already aware of the current control structures and are seeking the space that will support you in dismantling and reconstructing your life.

You want to be the change that you’d like to see in the world.

You understand that you are here for a greater purpose, the position that you have achieved in society has been specifically orchestrated so that you can be a part of this great unfolding, and you are ready to use your position and/or financial resources to support the people, projects and systems aligned with building a New Earth and restoring humanity.

Core Team Members

Confidentiality is of utmost importance and our integrity in your process is key. Our core team is a select group who have been placed on Earth at this time to assist you in coming Home.


Zhara Mahlstedt


Zhara is an activator. Her work is to unite the tribes who are here to create the changes on Earth required at this time and does so through connection with their Higher Selves.  She calls people to their self-chosen purpose and supports them in achieving this mission. She sits in heart presence with all who come forth and sees beyond the veil. She sees you for YOU and leaves conclusions and judgments at the door.  Her work is to accelerate your work. Be ready, for the changes will come at light speed. Zhara speaks the primordial sounds of creation. The language of the Divine realms flow through her and are her.  She is not a channel, she is an embodied version of Self, and Self is all she sees when she sees You.


Vicki Allison


Vicki is a former accomplished corporate executive from Sydney who awoke one morning to realise the world was not what she thought it was. 
Since that moment, she has been on a journey of discovery, intent on understanding the truth of the systems and structures that govern humanity. With senior roles at Commonwealth Bank and EY under her belt, along with creating a national award winning catering business, Vicki has over 20 years experience in high-end corporate events, hospitality, real estate and wellbeing behind her. Vicki brings an exemplary level of client and interpersonal skills and is able to combine her broad market knowledge, business acumen and strong client service ethic to provide our guests with an unparalleled experience. An excellent communicator with an authentic, intuitive and pragmatic approach, Vicki has walked the path that you are embarking upon, and she is ready to share her journey with you.




Our beloved GiGi is the epitome of Love. When you are in her presence, you know that you are nurtured, that you are cared for and that you can let down your guard. She will welcome you back to yourself, welcome you back Home. GiGi’s role within Kai Ah Siu Ma is to hold the space for you to release, to restore, to recharge, to relax and to be. She is a highly intuitive bodyworker and energetic healer who unequivocally embodies the frequencies of unconditional love.  She will nurture and care for you as you return to the spaces in between, as you return Home.


Our 6 Day Soul Purpose Immersion is designed specifically with you in mind. We are there for you when you wish for support, we give you space when you do not.

Our offering is specifically tailored with a 6 star experience in mind.  Bodywork, guided meditation, yoga, infra-red sauna, ice bath, hiking, movement and adventure are all available or not at all, depending on your flow. Connection with nature and conversation are at the core of our offering, along with returning to the Living Waters.

Our heated, indoor Living Water swimming pool is a feature of your experience. It is a space where the primordial frequencies are held and are transmitted to your physical body and your soul.

They assist you in coming Home.

The Living Waters will light you up, turn you on and ensure that you are on your path. Be warned though, once you step into the Living Waters there will be no turning back. You will be here, in your power, in your purpose and in your presence. You will no longer be able to return to the life that you have led. It will fall away and in its space, YOU will be reborn. Kai Ah Siu Ma.

Welcome Home.

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Our spaces are located on the Gold Coast, Australia and have been specifically selected to return you to Mother Nature. 

During your stay, you will be surrounded by the trees, enveloped in the waters and welcomed by the bush.

The frequencies and Spirit of Mother Nature will dance with you, they will call to you and they will lead you Home.



We operate on the basis of Sacred Economics.

Where those who can give, give freely, and those who do not have enough, receive.

We implement this into every structure of our existence, and we ask you to do the same.

Our pricing includes the cost of our spaces, our services and our staff. We ask you to contribute above this amount in a donation of your choice to fund the rapid expansion of our Kai Ah Siu Ma spaces and the integral systems and projects required to facilitate the arrival of New Earth.

Please enquire here to receive more detailed information, pricing and an application form for The Homecoming.



Our team and colleagues will be of continued support for you as long as you wish once you leave Kai Ah Siu Ma.

Options will be discussed before your departure from our grounds.


We have been given an overview of New Earth projects and systems to direct funding to. Our foundation team is currently working to package these up for presentation.

You can learn more about our developing foundation here. Currently, our Kai Ah Siu Ma centers and spaces are ready for funding. Kai Ah Siu Ma Momentum is building, and we are welcoming funding for the rapid expansion of our Kai Ah Siu Ma centers and spaces. These are the sacred buildings and land where we can welcome our extended team Home.

Kai Ah Siu Ma centers and spaces are where the leaders, the facilitators and the healers of humanity and the planet can have a space to rest, relax and recharge. Spaces where they can be in the frequencies of the primordial planes of creation, where they can immerse in the Living Waters and where they can reunite with the others who are also on their missions. The team are welcomed here through the principles of Sacred Economics.

Their inclusion in our programs and facilities is not based on their socio-economic status. They come here because they feel the call. Our team and our spaces freely gives to them. What they can return in exchange, whether monetarily or through other means of donation or services, they freely offer. Our first Kai Ah Siu Ma space is operating on the Gold Coast, Australia. If you are interested in funding the rapid expansion of Kai Ah Siu Ma centers and spaces, please connect with us here for a conversation and more information.

Together We Rise

Accelerate Change.
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