This time and space as we know it is not real.  You know this. You know this too well, but you may have forgotten. Are you ready to remember this?

The truth of this reality and the truth of who you are?

For when you recognize the veil that has been shrouding the Worlds that we can freely walk between. When you recognize that life is not what you have been told, then you will begin to glimpse the great unfolding.

For this unfolding will shatter every belief system that you have had. It will allow the time and space of the reality matrix to disintegrate so that you are the all present Oneness that encapsulates all.

And when this occurs…watch out. For you are the magic that creates worlds. Are you ready to harness this power?  To truly understand the potency of your creative force?  To know the magic that creates worlds lies within?  Are you ready to harness the power of the Universe in every cell of your body? For this is the power of you.


Every system, every construct has been fortified to keep you from remembering this. It is time to remember the Divinity of the blueprint that you were created from. The Divinity of the God Source code that is truly the YOU that you are.  It is time to put aside the judgments, the conclusions, the beliefs and the bullshit and return to your innate greatness.

The return of the Kingdom of Heaven is upon us.  And unlike you have been told… it is nothing to attain.  It is nothing to reach for. It is nothing to strive for.   It is hidden in plain sight. It is awaiting your return.

Are you ready to return? It lies within.  It lies within the fullness, the richness, the delicacy, the strength.  It lies within the space in between. It lies within and without. It lies in all matter, all material. And it lies without any attachment.

It is our lifeblood.  It is LOVE.

This love that I speak of… This love is not like any other love. This is a love that flows in freeness. It is in free circulation.  It is a love that knows no equal. It is a frequency that has no match. It is a frequency of pure Consciousness, and it is freely available to each and every one of us.

Yet we must lay down our differences. We must cast aside our judgments. We must dissolve the beliefs and the constructs that we have built as individuals, as groups, as societies, as tribes, as nations.

We must go beyond the veil of illusion that has separated us for so long.  We must reunite within our nations and between our nations. We must come home to the TRUTH of who we are, and that is not separation.

That force that unites each and every one of our souls is a power unlike no other. It is a greatness unlike no other.  It is a SOURCE of LOVE that is ready to burst forth onto this plane unlike anything you can possibly imagine.

But we must lay down our differences. We must humble ourselves before the Creator. Before each other. As we are truly only mirror reflections of the same.  We are truly ONE.  And to see you as I see you…. To see you as I see you….. This is my greatest wish for you. Is for you to see YOU. The Divinity. The Truth.  The LOVE that you are.

All you must do is remember.

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